Terraces on Saint-Denis finally authorized all summer

Terraces on Saint-Denis finally authorized all summer

© Ivanoh Demers / Radio-Canada
Merchants on rue Saint-Denis, on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, will finally be able to set up a terrace all summer, despite the upcoming launch of work on the Express Bike Network.

The mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal, Luc Rabouin, has decided to allow merchants on rue Saint-Denis to keep their terrace, in the Mont-Royal avenue sector, for the entire summer.

Firstly, as reported by Radio-Canada last weekend, restaurateurs were told that they had to remove their outdoor space in mid-July, a few days before the start of work on the Express Bike Network, one of Valérie Plante’s electoral promises.

These long cycle routes will see the light of day in the coming months on several arteries in the metropolis, including rue Saint-Denis. The site, for the Jean-Talon – Roy section, is due to start on July 20.

Furious at this decision, while they were counting on these terraces to recover from the financial consequences of the pandemic, these traders, who nevertheless ultimately support such a measure, had asked for a postponement of the works and a listening to the municipal administration.

On social networks, Luc Rabouin, who exchanged this weekend with several of them, finally agreed that these “terraces will be maintained” His cabinet confirmed this information to Radio-Canada, specifying that these spaces could be installed until October.

We will even allow terraces on the west side [de la rue Saint-Denis], which was not possible until now. We are listening and in solution mode, merchants too“Also wrote Luc Rabouin on Twitter, stressing that work will start on the northern part.

Owner of Chasse-Galerie, Vianney Godbout, who was at the origin of a petition requesting the postponement of this vast project, said he was delighted with this turnaround.

Being able to keep our terraces until the fall is already good. We were heard, there was a listening, we were pleasantly surprised and we, the merchants, we greatly appreciate it“, He judges, while leaving, this Monday morning, to meet entrepreneurs to install his terrace.

Now, he adds, “our projections are much brighter” “I hope this is a relationship that we will be able to maintain between the Plateau and the traders“, He emphasizes.

Mont-Royal Avenue will be entirely pedestrianized until the fall.

© Ivanoh Demers / Radio-Canada
Mont-Royal Avenue will be entirely pedestrianized until the fall.

Mont-Royal pedestrian avenue is “a bet

In recent days, there has been criticism of the pedestrianization of Mont-Royal Avenue, which has been in effect for a few days, due, in particular, to the consequences linked to automobile traffic and parking lots.

This is “a bet“Agrees Mayor Luc Rabouin, also responsible for economic development, by mentioning that improvements and”entertainment»Will be launched soon.

During an interview with Radio-Canada, he maintains that this decision was made in concert with the sector’s business development company (SDC).

Everything was planned, he said, recalling that the avenue du Mont-Royal hosted the city’s first health corridor. This one was “not very pretty, but effective“, He confides.

From the beginning, we discussed the next, ensures Luc Ferrandez’s successor. Should we maintain a corridor? Do one on each side while holding the vehicles? Do two, but leaving public transportation in the center? Make a pedestrian street? We agreed that the most promising option is pedestrianization

A speech shared by Claude Rainville, who directs the SDC on Avenue du Mont-Royal. “It’s risky, but it’s based on neighborhood habits, consumption“, He specifies, affirming that a survey carried out in 2017 by his organization revealed that 11% of the customers use a car to go on this artery.

We are of the opinion, he continues, that it is a gamble to be made

In order to support traders, the Plateau-Mont-Royal town hall also decided to “a considerable effortBy lowering the cost of a permit to operate a terrace throughout the borough.

For this summer, a single rate of $ 50, whatever the size, is requested, against several thousand dollars in the past.

Pedestrianization of Mont-Royal Avenue is planned until the fall. “If it doesn’t work, we’ll adjust“Promises Mayor Luc Rabouin.


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