The best commercial Volkswagen prototypes from 2000 until today

The best commercial Volkswagen prototypes from 2000 until today

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The best commercial Volkswagen prototypes from 2000 until today

There are many prototypes that are presented every year and never come to be produced, remaining only in a show of power or love of each company that, for some reasons or others, never become a reality. Now, with 1/5 of the century already completed, we have wanted to make a brief review of some of the most striking or special prototypes with which Volkswagen has surprised us since the beginning of the 21st century.

2001: Volkswagen Microbus Concept

The Microbus Concept made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2001 and wanted to be a reflection of what the next generation Transporter would be like. This concept already included a 7-inch screen on the dashboard and another on the roof, thus allowing the driver to see what was behind it, such as a digital rearview mirror.

2006: Volkswagen Crafter Atacama

This model was a shortened version of the Crafter and was designed to fulfill all the wishes of lovers of travel and life outside the asphalt. An innovative four-wheel drive system, off-road panels, larger wheel arches and a rear ladder contributed to this. In addition, a sleeping area could be included on top, making it a very interesting and multipurpose model. Later the name Atacama was used in a special edition of the Amarok; in 2015.

2008: Volkswagen Caddy ToposSail

Created for the 2008 Caravan Saloon, the ToposSail wanted to be the most of the most in the world. Its design took inspiration from the boats of the 50s, and had a wooden roof as a solarium that was accessible from a hidden staircase. In addition, the roof had different panels that could be moved to better adapt to our needs, serve as a backrest, etc. With different elements in aluminum and the aforementioned wood, it was intended to convey the elegance and glamor that we find on yachts.

2012: Volkswagen Amarok Canyon

This Amarok Canyon was the most radical and capable version of the pick-up ever built and made its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show that same year. It featured increased height, off-road tires and headlights. The Canyon name was later used on a limited edition Amarok in 2014, with some of the elements seen in the concept two years earlier.

2012: Volkswagen eT!

It seems that this was an inspirational year in the German house, which is why at the 2012 Frankfurt Motor Show they presented the eT! This showed what they wanted to achieve in the face of an electric future for their commercial vehicles, and was designed in collaboration with the German Post Service. Among its most outstanding qualities, in addition to its small size and zero emissions, we found that the eT! It had autonomous functions such as the ” follow me ” or ” come to me ” modes that made it possible to drive the van alone or even to control it from the ‘joystick’ on the passenger side.

2013: Volkswagen e-Co-Motion

In 2013, Transporter presented its electric sister at the Geneva International Motor Show. This e-Co-Motion was a maneuverable and agile model, despite its 800 kg of load capacity. Different ways could be made; such as passenger vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, etc. The I.D. Buzz will have an evolution of this system.

2015: Volkswagen Multivan PanAmericana

The PanAmericana was launched to combine the comfort and luxuries of a Multivan with the off-road capability of an SUV. This special edition was made with all motorcycle racing enthusiasts in mind who would like to take their vehicles to the most award-winning circuits on the planet without having to give up the comfort of the journey of a regular van. This PanAmerican managed to reach production a year later: in 2016.


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