The classic look with a shirt dress that sweeps Parfois this season

The classic look with a shirt dress that sweeps Parfois this season


We had been recording this new style to carry the dresses but it seemed that it has never reached thestreet styleWill it finally be this summer season 2020 the moment to show off the dressed in pants? So we have signed between some of the best ‘looks’ that we have been able to find among the news of some of our ‘low cost’ stores favorites, the combination of show off short dresses with pants sIt has become a ‘must’ that we will not be able to resist.

To get this lookazo in the most trend, you have to combine a short dressYes, it better be from shirt style to raze among the best dressed; a high waisted pants and wide leg, among which we can find the incredible ‘paper bags’; and nail sthin strappy sandals either high heel, medium or flat to get elevate your ‘outfit‘and demonstrate that it is a set that will devastate.

In this case Parfois It has been launched in this style with a precious midi dress that you will have to sign as soon as possible so that you can get your size for 29.99 euros. In this case, it is a dress shirt with classic collar, short sleeves, front buttoningstamped stripes vertical in color white and khaki, asymmetric hem longer at the back, two large pocket front and a belt that you can knot to highlight your figure and achieve a ten style.


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