The Covid-19, a “false global alert” according to a “German official report”? Be careful!

The Covid-19, a

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Protesters protest the containment measures in Berlin on May 16.

FAKE OFF – Sites Explain “Interior Ministry Report [allemand] challenges the official coronavirus story. ” Document is an isolated initiative, says ministry

The government German would he have contradicted himself on his management of containment? That’s what claim several sites which explain that “an official German report denounces the Covid-19 pandemic as a false global alert”. These sites resume the content of a site American, who himself resumes elements of a German article.

The sites also claim that “the German federal government and the mainstream media have tried to limit the damage after the release of a report by the Ministry of the Interior which challenges the official story of the coronavirus ”.

In this 83-page report, the author denounces the new coronavirus as a “false global alert” and questions the merits of the containment measures.

The websites explain that the report “was written by a scientific group appointed by the Home Office and made up of external medical experts from several German universities.”


This report was written by Stephan Kohn. He then worked at the Ministry of the Interior, at the KM4 service, where he was responsible for the protection of critical infrastructure, detailed the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The document was published in Tichy Einblick, a magazine considered conservative. Stephan Kohn is not a stranger across the Rhine: member of the Social Democratic Party, he had wanted, without success, to become party leader in Berlin, remember Focus magazine.

The report was published on a letterhead from the Home Office, which created confusion. Stephan Kohn has been suspended from work, according to Der Spiegel. The Ministry of the Interior clarified May 10 that Stephan Kohn “summarized and disseminated his private opinion” in this document. “The independently conducted” analysis “took place outside the factual jurisdiction of the author and the organizational unit” for which he worked, the ministry added.

As for the “scientific group” which would have written the report, it is about ten doctors and scientists who have published a press release on May 11 in support of the report. As the highlighted Ellinika Hoaxes, a Greek fact-checking site, this group did not participate in the writing, but was asked by Stephan Kohn to contribute elements for his document. The latter “contacted us through a specialized investigation during the preparation of the risk analysis for the evaluation of the collateral medical damage caused by the” corona measures “”, the scientists explained in their press release.

Germany lamented Friday 8,613 Covid-19 dead, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

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