The ‘Enemy in your kitchen’ will launch a social media campaign on ‘World Food Safety Day’

The 'Enemy in your kitchen' will launch a social media campaign on 'World Food Safety Day'

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Jon Basagoiti, Scientific Director of ‘The enemy in your kitchen’

The informative portal ‘El Enemigo en tu cocina’ will launch a campaign on social networks this Sunday, ‘World Food Safety Day’, with the aim of “raising awareness of the need to improve shopping habits, the way of storing and cooking food, hygiene in the kitchen and preserving the remains of food. “


The campaign, which will be accompanied by a video, will address the most common “5 enemies” of food: campylobacter, salmonella, escherichia coli, yersinia and listeria.

Tomorrow will be the second edition of ‘World Food Safety Day’, a date that wants to “attract attention and inspire actions that help prevent, detect and manage risks from food.”

In this way, it is intended to contribute to “food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development”, as stated by the United Nations Food Organization and Agriculture (FAO).

‘The Enemy in your kitchen’ will join this initiative and its demand to “reduce the number of 33 million years of healthy life that are lost each year due to this cause”, according to WHO data, which estimates the annual economic cost , in low and middle income countries alone, at $ 110 billion.

Biologist Jon Basagoiti, scientific director of ‘The Enemy in your kitchen’ has warned that “the threats to our health that come from food are not just five.” For this reason, he has created ‘the Roulette of the Enemies’, in which “more than fifty organisms and other elements that can produce food poisonings, allergies and intolerances are collected.”

‘The enemy in your kitchen’ is a transmedia outreach project that aims to “improve hygiene habits in food” by identifying “all the dangers associated with the production, handling and consumption of food”


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