The espadrilles firm ‘made in Spain’ that obsesses Spanish socialites

The espadrilles firm 'made in Spain' that obsesses Spanish socialites

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  • The espadrilles ‘made in Spain’ they will be the star complement this summer.
  • The most elegant Spanish women already have a pair of Antonia’s espadrilles to shine at their summer parties.

They have always been a summer classic and many of us are not able to pack a vacation without packing a pair, but this year the espadrilles will reach their maximum splendor. They will become the protagonist footwear of parties, summer weddings, days of terraces, walks along the shore and rural getaways.

For a long time, hehe espadrilles with ribbons and bows have been gaining importance in our wardrobe and the classic designs coexist with other more historics. Having a Spanish signature is essential among the most stylish girls and there are a brand that is preferred by socialites because it is pure artisan luxury. We talk about Antonia’s, which has managed to reinvent tradition through designs inspired by the usual models with touches loaded with trends. The best? All its catalog is available in the ES Fascinante store, the meeting point of the biggest defenders of ‘made in Spain’.

Espadrilles Antonias Spanish firm

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Espadrilles Antonias Spanish firm

Behind Antonia’s espadrilles is Isabel Río, who settled in Madrid created this Spanish firm to develop his passion for craftsmanship. After going through firms such as Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein Collection and Carolina Herrera as designer, she always felt strongly committed to authenticity, heritage and quality. This project is the exaltation of that commitment in the form of footwear.

Each pair of espadrilles it is unique and made by the hands of a true artist. His designs combine the latest trends with the tradition and craftsmanship of Spanish masters. In short, we could define Antonia’s personality in four words: fashionable, local, genuine and responsible.

It is because of those traits that Spanish socialites have made Antonia’s their favorite espadrille brand. They not only defend the ‘made in Spain’ but also support the work of the artisans who raise the Spain brand.

In Antonia’s They have very different espadrille designs but they breathe the same style. Therein lies the key to success. These are some of our favorite novelties that are already on sale in ES Fascinante’s ‘online’ store and in its ‘showroom’ (Calle Conde de Aranda, 22, Madrid).


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