the family refuses the invitation to meet Nicole Belloubet

the family refuses the invitation to meet Nicole Belloubet

The family of Adama Traoré refused to meet with the Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet, demanding “legal progress” in the investigation into the young man’s death in 2016 after his arrest.


It is an end of inadmissibility. The committee “The truth for Adama” announced Monday in a statement that the family of Adamé Traoré had received an invitation from the office of Nicole Belloubet to meet the Minister of Justice in order to “exchange”. The family refused this meeting. “She has been asking for four years that the gendarmes in whose hands Adama Traoré died be summoned to justice, questioned and charged”, explains the text. “The family of Adama Traoré reminds them that they are awaiting legal advances, not invitations to the discussion which would have no procedural purpose,” it said.

Monday, Traore family lawyer Yassine Bouzrou reacted to him on Twitter to AFP information that the President of the Republic asked the Minister of Justice “to examine the case of the death in 2016 by Adama Traoré ”. “Mr. Emmanuel Macron, I ask you to respect the separation of powers. The law prohibits the Keeper of the Seals from interfering in individual cases, ”he wrote.

Two witnesses heard in July

Adama Traoré died on July 19, 2016 in the barracks of the Persian gendarmes, two hours after his arrest in Beaumont-sur-Oise, in the Val-d’Oise, at the end of a chase and after a first attempt to ‘arrest. A new rally to shed light on the conditions of his arrest gathered 20,000 people Tuesday, June 2 in Paris. Unprecedented mobilization as rallies against racism and police violence take place around the world after the death of George Floyd, end of May in the United States. This African American who lost his life after his arrest, suffocated by a white police officer.

Regarding the case of Adama Traoré, the latest forensic expertise, revealed Friday, June 5, dismissed the responsibility of the police by attributing the death to a “cardiogenic edema” linked to the state of health of Adama Traoré. Shortly after, a medical report produced at the request of the family questioned him about the technique of arresting the gendarmes who arrested Adama Traoré. He concluded that the 24-year-old died of an asphyxial syndrome following a cardiogenic edema. He attributed the latter “to a positional asphyxia induced by the ventral plating”.

Two witnesses will be heard in July by investigating judges charged with investigating this case. The first is a man with whom the young black man had taken refuge before his arrest and the second is a woman who claimed to have witnessed this first attempt at arrest.



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