The FPS Finance warns of scam attempts

The FPS Finance warns of scam attempts

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The SPF Strategy and Support informs Tuesday of a phishing attempt in circulation since June 15 and warns users of the eBox.

An email indicates to users that they can benefit from corona compensation from the FPS Finance and redirects them to a website which is a copy of On this site, “you will be asked to log in and complete your bank details. Do not do this under any circumstances ”, enjoins the SPF.

The administration recalls that Myebox only sends notifications from the address [email protected] and that official messages from Myebox are always addressed to their recipient by mentioning their name and not via “Dear Madam, Dear Sir”.

By clicking on the link contained in the fraudulent e-mail, the user is redirected to a website whose URL is “It is (therefore) not a site of the federal administration”, punctuates the SPF.

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