The French are in favor of “Les 12 coups de midi”!

The French are in favor of

According to a survey, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show is the favorite among our neighbors.

At the dawn of its 10 years – which will be celebrated as a bonus on July 4 on TF1 – “The 12 noon shotsAre declared, favorite game of the French. This is a TV Magazine / OpinionWay survey.

I am happy and very proud for all the teams. This program is a reflection of society, because all categories are represented there. And then the public is sensitive to my level of requirement, which is unbearable», Says Jean-Luc Reichmann on the French media website. “I’m trying to bring all generations together. It’s a social bond, this show!

It should be noted that in Belgium, “The 12 noon shots” are acclaimed by the public at noon time, with on average more than 200,000 worshipers each day. And it is generally the best TF1 audience with us for the day.

1. “The 12 noon shots“(TF1): 24%

2. “Do not forget the lyrics“(France 2): 22%

3. “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?“(TF1): 17%

4. “Everyone wants to take its place“(F2): 16%

5. “Questions for a champion“(France 3): 15%


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