The ‘gnocchi’ of chef Davide Bonato that taste of tradition

The 'gnocchi' of chef Davide Bonato that taste of tradition

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Gioia’s chef, Davide Bonato.

Davide Bonato, the chef of the restaurant Gioia, is a specialist in Piedmont gastronomy. From his home kitchen, he encourages us to prepare a plate of potato gnocchi, an Italian tradition that dates back to the 8th century. This time he proposes to accompany them with a delicious red cabbage cream.These days, Davide is spending more time than ever with his daughters Giorgia and Valentina and, of course, they are cooking together. “They love it! What they like least is the dirty part of the kitchen, that is, picking up, and I always tell them that a good chef always works at a clean work table, it is the most important thing,” says the Italian chef. They have such a good time together that they even shoot cooking videos and post them on their social networks to give ideas to other parents and children, from a perfect carbonara to a chocolate coulant, a pizza or, of course, some Piedmontese gnocchi.

“As soon as possible we will be back to enjoy our lounge with our dear clients again”

“In the meantime, we must learn to stop, to give value to everything we have and to people who really matter to us, to be aware of what we really need and what is instead expendable “, Gioia’s chef concludes.

150 g of wheat flour (for gnocchi) 20 grams of Parmesan (for gnocchi) 500 g of boiled potatoes and crushed (for gnocchi) 60 g of beaten eggs (for gnocchi) Chips Iberian HamCream Lombarda

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Fried rosemary leavesWhipped creamCrispy parmesanCaviar pearls oil (optional) A pinch of nutmeg (for gnocchi) A pinch of Pepper black (for gnocchi) A pinch of Salt (for gnocchi) PreparationWe mix potatoes, flour, parmesan, salt, nutmeg, black pepper and eggs, and knead. “It doesn’t take much kneading, 3 or 4 minutes, so that the dough does not stay loose, “Davide says. Then we spread the dough on a surface with flour, so that it does not stick, and we give it roll shapes, add flour on top and cut into 2-centimeter squares. Finally, with the help of a fork, we are going to make small striations.We heat water and salt in a pot to cook our gnocchi. Once the water is boiling, we put the gnocchi, they will be ready in a minute when they float. Then, brown them in a pan with oil, until they get the appearance of potatoes. Finally, we put them on top of a piece of paper, so that it absorbs the oil too much and add a pinch of salt. The final trick for the red cabbage cream: prepare a sofrito with a shallot cut into julienne and 300 grams from lombarda very fine cut. Add salt and pepper. Let’s fade the stir-fry with half a glass of white wine and cover everything with water. Add half a large potato; once cooked, we put everything in a blender and give it the consistency of a cream. To finish the recipe, we paint the plate with the sauces, the cream and cheese sauce and the red cabbage cream, to give it a vegetable and color touch, then we add the gnocchi and different garnishes: iberian ham chips, crispy parmesan, fried rosemary leaves and oil caviar pearls.


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