the journalist, without filter, tells about his handicap

the journalist, without filter, tells about his handicap

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VIDEO Matthieu Lartot: the journalist, without filter, tells about his handicap

Monday, June 1, the show It starts today focused on celebrities who have managed to overcome their disability. This is the case of Matthieu Lartot, the presenter of Stade 2, who gave rare but essential testimony to his serious illness.

Like other sports journalists, Matthieu Lartot is a former disgruntled player. It was an injury, and the discovery of a serious illness, which forced him to stop rugby at the age of 16. At that time, Matthieu Lartot decided to live his passion for rugby through journalism. A success : from the early 2000s, he joined the editorial staff of France Télévisions. Twenty years later, Matthieu Lartot is still there, and now hosts Stade 2, the group’s sports program, which he also has co-presented for a few years with Clémentine Sarlat. Monday June 1, the reporter agreed to return, on the set of It starts today, on that day when everything turned upside down for him, when he was still just a teenager.

A serious relapse

“I got injured during a match, rewinds Matthieu Lartot. At that time, we thought it was a sprained knee, and from there appeared a lump inside my knee “. Supported by doctors, Matthieu Lartot discovers that he has a tumor and the medical team tells him very sad news: you have to remove his knee, and install a prosthesis. “The prosthesis was put in place on the eve of my 18th birthday. I went out, I did my treatments, radiotherapy, chemotherapy … I recovered very quickly, with a lot of mobility “. At that time, Matthieu Lartot can even resume sport … Except that a new mass has returned. Operated in emergency, the journalist has a nosocomial infection. Since, Matthieu Lartot has one leg shorter than the other, almost two centimeters, and can no longer bend his leg “only 20 or 30 degrees, in the good days”. If he can no longer play sports, Matthieu Lartot now presents major events to viewers. A very strong testimony.