The menu of the week from June 8 to 14, 2020

The menu of the week from June 8 to 14, 2020

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The menu of the week from June 8 to 14, 2020

Whatever the weather, the melons and apricots have arrived and with them it’s already a little summer! This week, we are delighted with a nomad zucchini bread, a delicious and fruity blondie, a Marengo veal and lasagna with grilled vegetables with pesto rosso.

Monday June 8, 2020

In fine weather, zucchini is the star. It has everything to please: its mild flavor is unanimous, it lends itself to a thousand and one preparations, cooked or raw … in short, we love it. This week, we’re cooking it in “bread”. Between the terrine and the custard, this nomad recipe can be enjoyed hot, warm or cold, and above all it is very simple to carry out. Keep it in your notebooks!

How to cook zucchini + the trick in the microwave

Make it follow the classic if there is one, the quiche lorraine. But not just any ! That of one of our favorites: Laurent Mariotte. As educational as a good cook, he came to our studios to share his version of this essential and traditional recipe with us, with as many bonuses as a bonus!

Lorraine quiche: Laurent Mariotte’s recipe

Tuesday June 9, 2020

Eggplant fans! Here is a recipe that should delight you, both for its aesthetics and for its delicacy: eggplant stuffed tian way. An original way to compose a highly appetizing vegetarian dish, which will go perfectly with a bowl of rice.

You know the blondie, this irresistible cake like a giant cookie? We suggest you make it more summery with a version of white chocolate and summer fruits. A marriage that works wonderfully, the acidity of the fruit counterbalances the sweetness of the cake. Some have even said that it was better than the original … it’s up to you!

Summer blondie

Wednesday June 10, 2020

Still a few zucchini lying around in your vegetable bin? Zou, take out the hand blender and cook a ultra easy and very fast soup where the Laughing Cow comes to bring the sweetness and gluttony it takes. For those who would rather be in the Team Kiri, rest assured, it works too.

Who said that eat lightly rhymed with gloom ? Not us in any case ! The proof with this cod papillote generously garnished with seasonal vegetables, which will delight those who want to melt a little before summer. For others, or for those who are very hungry, add some new potatoes. Harvested before maturity, these small potatoes have such a thin skin that it is useless to peel them. And their flavor is so delicate. Steam them, a knob of butter, fleur de sel and nothing else to add.

Thursday June 11, 2020

We resume the rhythm of aperitifs with friends, that’s all true. Plan in the background a cocktail that will surely be unanimous: the mojito. To bring a touch of originality, revisit it pink, raspberry. Girly but not only, this fruity mojito !

To accompany it, you will not resist sticks of fried mozzarella, fondant and runny as you wish. And to straighten the shot from a calorie point of view, also plan a healthy aperitif. For this, follow the advice of Dr Bonnebouffe, dietician, and his smart and gourmet bagel pizza recipe.

Healthy aperitif: the bagel pizza on video

How to have a healthy aperitif? Video tips

Friday June 12, 2020

Do you find the meat-stuffed peppers a little difficult to digest and too heavy? So you need to test the stuffed peppers ricotta & anchovies. A light recipe, full of flavors and pep’s, which we tasted solo or as an accompaniment to all your grills.

For dessert, bite into a 100% chocolate cookie. We adopted the Sarah’s recipe, just perfect with its little touch of fleur de sel that makes all the difference.

Saturday June 13, 2020

If you thought that only fruits and vegetables had a seasonality, you were wrong. Meats too! And in this period, it is the full season of the calf. To cook it, why not reconnect with a somewhat forgotten and yet traditional recipe, the veal Marengo ? A simmered dish therefore an inescapable dish, therefore better reheated, therefore easy to live with. And to not spoil anything, Marengo veal is simply good.

And because Marengo veal rhymes with apricot, the transition to dessert is all found. Because yes, Roussillon apricots appear on our stalls, To our delight. Crunch them plain, of course, but put a few aside to make a ultra soft cake.

Sunday June 14, 2020

You would like to eat a fresh starter but you hesitate between melon, cucumber and tomato. Do not slice and serve three at the same time. But not just how! Give a modern look to all these beautiful people, like a Rubik’s Cube to snack on. Not unlike the sweet Rubik’s Cube by Cédric Grolet, this savory version is enhanced with feta cubes. Playful, chic.

A generous and family dish to follow, lasagna with grilled vegetables and rosso pesto. A vegetal and original way to vary the pleasure of lasagna. They can be enjoyed hot or warm, if the weather is more summery. And of course, for a flawless organization, 1 / we can prepare them the day before and 2 / then keep the leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for the next day or in the freezer for the next few weeks.

We rediscover the pleasure of frozen cuts and desserts. If classics like profiteroles or Melba strawberries are still popular, try something new! We fall for example for the iced pavlova, ultra easy to prepare as soon as you master the art of meringues.

How to cook meringues and the secret to making them successful