The number two of Prisons ceases in office by own request

The number two of Prisons ceases in office by own request

Nistal, right, in a file image with Marlaska (c) at the annual prison directors’ meeting. (EFE)

The general director of Criminal Enforcement and Social Reintegration, Javier Nistal Burón, has ceased in his position as number two of Penitentiary Institutions at his own request, as reported by Europa Press sources from the Interior.The resignation will be effective during the Council of Ministers this Tuesday and Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, will also designate in this conclave the new successor in the post.

Nistal Burón, in charge of prisoner transfer teams, will continue to be linked to the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions in a ‘second line’ post, the same sources have indicated.

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The confidentialThe head of the Interior has stressed that reforms are necessary within the body, but that this “does not imply taking imaginary trips or theorizing with radical reforms”

General Director of Criminal Enforcement and Social Reintegration since August 2018 and deputy director since 2012, was one of the components of the working group that drafted the current Prison Regulations (Royal Decree 190/1996 of February 9).

Born in León in 1954, he has been distinguished with the Silver Medal for Penitentiary Merit in 1995, with the Cross for Police Merit with a white badge in 2012, and with the Gold Medal for Penitentiary Merit in 2015.

In charge of the prisoner transfer teams, he will continue to be linked to the IIPP General Secretariat in a ‘second line’ position

Until now number two of Penitentiary Institutions has written a letter to the prison directors in which he thanks them “sincerely” for their work and the support they have given him at this stage.

“It would not have been possible for prison management to have had the positive balance it has had, especially in these difficult months due to the coronavirus pandemic, without your invaluable effort and dedication. I want you to pass this thanks on to all your team, “he says in the letter.

The PP has attributed this resignation to a “purge” by of Minister Grande-Marlaska related to the publication of a report on the incidence of covid-19 in prisons and has demanded the resignation of the Interior Minister.

“As we anticipated days ago, the second of Penitentiary Institutions ceased for publishing a report alerting the covid in prisons. The Marlaska purge is infinite, with all those who criticize him,” he has written. the spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Interior Commission in Congress of the Deputies in the last Legislature, Ana Vázquez, on her personal Twitter account.


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