The rice to lick the fingers of the writer Rosa Tovar

The rice to lick the fingers of the writer Rosa Tovar

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Rosa Tovar, writer and cook, proposes endless recipes in her book ‘Mediterranean rice’. However, the Repsol Guide chooses this seafood paella to celebrate the story of this grain that Tovar tells throughout the book.Ingredients18 mussels1 head of unpeeled garlic 1 squid 1 tomato bare, peeled and diced1 and ¼ liter of fish or seafood broth flavored with laurel3 peeled garlic cloves

600 ml of bomba rice6 beautiful prawns and 6 large prawns or Norway lobsters 90 ml of olive oil extra virgin salt, coarse salt, saffron, water

Heat the broth and clean the squid and cut it into slices. Remove the paws shrimp and prawns – or Norway lobsters – smaller and whiskers so that they do not mix with the rice, and with scissors make an incision along the tails to be able to eat them with cutlery and, if you want, to remove the sandy intestine.

Clean the mussels and put them in a large pan with a little water over high heat and remove them as they open, discarding those that remain closed. Remove the valve where the animal is not and add the cooking water to the broth passed through a fine sieve.

Put the paella on medium fire with the oil. Add, if you like, the inch of coarse salt. Fry the peeled garlic a little and reserve in the mortar. Put the garlic without peeling aside, so that they do not disturb. Salt lightly and fry, in this order, prawns, carabineros and squid, and reserve. Fry the tomato for 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile crush the fried garlic with the saffron and a little coarse salt in the mortar.

Add the rice, turn up the heat, fry and pour the broth very hot with the contents of the mortar. Put squid and seafood and mussels in order, taste the salt and add more if necessary. Count 6-7 minutes from the start of the boil, add the rice and lower the heat. Let cook slowly another 7-8 min. Cover the paella pan with aluminum foil, turn up the heat and leave for 2-3 minutes, turn off the heat and let stand 5 minutes. Serve immediately with lemon quarters, if desired.

Final trick

The dark, sandy intestine that runs along the inside of the shellfish tails from top to bottom can be easily removed using a fine needle inserted into the tail. It is removed by hooking it with the needle, like it’s a tape, and pulling up on it.


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