the tips of a sports coach for top legs

the tips of a sports coach for top legs

How to have thinner thighs? Julie Autrive, sports coach at Appart Fitness, gave us her advice for toned and shapely legs without gaining volume!

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Know your morphotype

There are three types of body morphology, or morphotypes. We can correspond to only one or present combined morphotypes (meso-ectomorphic, for example). Each one having an impact on the capacity to gain weight or the muscle, it is necessary to take into account these characteristics in order to adopt an adapted sports and food program if one wishes to refine.

The endomorph

Its physical characteristics A naturally round silhouette, poorly developed muscles and a large bone structure.

His weakness: he easily gains weight His slow metabolism leads to energy drops, he gets fat quickly. “It’s the morphotype that has the hardest time losing weight, warns Julie Autrive The slightest difference can be seen on the scales. ”

The ectomorph

Its physical characteristics The ectomorph has a fairly thin body, low muscle mass and thin bones.

Its weakness: it hardly takes muscle His fast metabolism allows him to expend a lot of energy and burn calories even at rest. He can eat very little or no weight. “Thinning your thighs isn’t really a problem for the ectomorph, ensures the sports coach. The difficulty will rather be to gain muscle mass. “

The mesomorph

Its physical characteristics This is the “ideal” morphotype. It has a naturally muscular body and a robust bone structure.

Its weakness: none The mesomorph easily gains muscle mass and can lose weight without much effort.

Do not neglect the food, even if you spend yourself

To refine your figure, practicing physical activity is not enough. You also have to watch your diet (ban bad sugar, in particular) and reduce your calorie intake if it is excessive. Being patient is also necessary: ​​it is impossible to specifically reduce your thigh, waist or arm circumference by controlling what you put on your plate. ” The body will go where it wants first, specifies Julie Autrive. But with training and good nutrition, he will be refined as a whole. “

How to slim your thighs with muscle building

Make long series with short break times

To refine your thighs without gaining volume with weight training, you should favor long series (15 to 20 repetitions) with a short recovery time (30 seconds to 1 minute). We do 3 to 4 sets of each exercise, with fluid and controlled movements.

Work with light weights or bodyweight

“If we use a large load during the exercises, we will get the opposite effect to that desired and have larger legs”, warns the coach. To sculpt, it is better to work at body weight or with light equipment (small dumbbells, elastic with light or medium resistance).

Strengthen the adductors

Strengthening muscles will not necessarily make them larger, on the contrary. By following the rules set out above (long series and light weights), we do not hesitate to work the adductors – the inner thighs – to tone and refine them.

Favor the wide squat and the front and side slits

No need for machines to refine your thighs! Some exercises to do at home or in the gym with small loads are quite suitable.

  • The slots: front (outside of the thighs) and side (inside and outside of the thighs) slots.
  • Large squats (inner and outer thighs).
  • Lateral elevations, standing or lying up by raising the leg on the side (inner thighs).

Beware of joints

With weak knees, it is better to perform the exercises without any load. If you feel pain in the joint, you stop the movement. We prefer static exercises or with proprioception work, working in an imbalance situation.

Favor isolation exercises for the glutes

“Working the glutes will automatically strengthen the thighs”, warns Julie Autrive. But we can target them more with pelvis surveys or rear legs on all fours. These exercises target the gluteus maximus, the largest muscle that allows you to lift your leg forward or backward and have plump buttocks.

How to slim your thighs with cardio

Practice endurance sports

Walking, cycling, swimming, running, skipping rope, elliptical trainer … All these cardio activities are ideal for refining your thighs. Beginners will opt for endurance work, more experienced will be able to try HIIT, a high intensity activity in fractional. Be careful, if you have back, joint (especially knee) or circulatory problems, you avoid all impact sports.

Walk if you can’t run

Running can burn more calories than walking, but it also requires more effort and is not suitable for everyone – especially if you have joint problems or are not very athletic. If you want to start running, you do it very gradually. “For 15 to 20 minutes, we alternate walking and running at low intensity for a few minutes, advise the coach. Little by little, we will stay longer on the race. “

Thanks to Julie Autrive for her advice. Find his tips and exercises on his Instagram account @julie_coachette.

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