the two main factories return to normal

the two main factories return to normal

CALGARY – Canada’s major beef processing plants are on the verge of normal operation after being severely tested by COVID-19 outbreaks.

The pandemic has caused prolonged plant closings and a major slowdown in meat processing across Canada.

One of the most affected was that of the Cargill company located in High River, Alberta, which interrupted its activities for two weeks before resuming them at a reduced rate. This week, it produces 95% of its capacity of 4,500 animals per day.

Meanwhile, the JBS Canada plant located in Brooks, also in Alberta, operated with only one shift for a month. Its usual daily capacity of 4200 transformed animals is almost reached.

These two plants normally process 70% of Canadian beef alone.

The slowdown in production, however, caused a large surplus of between 120,000 and 130,000 animals waiting to be slaughtered, a surplus that cannot be reduced for a few months.

The Canadian Press
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