the UK also reopens bars and hairdressers but only on July 4th

the UK also reopens bars and hairdressers but only on July 4th

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On July 4th overseas bars, restaurants and hairdressers reopen. 12 weeks have passed since the British premier announced the drastic measures that have changed life across the Channel, radically changing everyone’s life.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the House of Commons explained that he will go back to drinking beer, eating outside and cutting his hair.

“Mr. President, I can tell the House of Commons, I can tell the Assembly that we will also reopen restaurants and pubs. Inside the service will be limited to the table, how much a pint of beer is expected as well as a haircut, what I look like me too, so we will reopen the hairdressers, with due precautions. ”

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Campsites will also reopen on condition that shared facilities such as toilets are sanitized continuously. Instead, for gyms, bowling alleys and water parks, you will have to wait longer.

The rule of social distance of two meters will be reduced to one meter, but people should still stay two meters away where possible,

The coronavirus death toll in the UK has exceeded 54,000 deaths. Over 48 thousand occurred in England and Wales. Lockdown rules for England, Scotland, GAlles and Northern Ireland varied little from state to state.


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