The unstoppable trick to cleaning a barbecue effortlessly and naturally

The unstoppable trick to cleaning a barbecue effortlessly and naturally

Barbecuing is a treat, but cleaning your grills is no easy task. Here is a natural trick to eliminate the dirt present in every corner.

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Clean the barbecue naturally with white vinegar.

The barbecue is the convivial and summer meal par excellence. While a delicious scent of dolce vita floats in the air, grilling makes our mouth water. And if he fills the smallest meal with happiness, it has to be said that cleaning a barbecue is far from being a pleasure. The grease that collects on the grills and walls is stubborn. Removing the burnt residue is a real chore. Keeping the barbecue clean is essential, not only for its shelf life, but also for the flavor of the food. Nothing is more unpleasant than grilled meat whose taste is altered by residues of charred fat. Cleaning a barbecue starts with attendance. Dirt should be removed after each use to avoid encrusted stains. Natural tricks help us with this. While it already works miracles on the limestone present in our bathroom or for cleaning windows, white vinegar is a fabulous ally for the maintenance of a barbecue. Super powerful, economical and ecological, it is erected by natural stripper and descaler for the whole house. In addition, it has a recognized antimicrobial action which makes it possible to rid the surfaces of the least microscopic colonizers. Finally, its strong degreasing power eliminates the slightest trace and makes everything shine.

White vinegar, the miracle ally

As white vinegar can be very irritating, gloves should be put on beforehand to avoid any skin reaction. To use this natural cleanser, nothing could be simpler, soak the grill in water added to white vinegar for at least thirty minutes. White vinegar has the advantage of breaking down any dirt. Another option is to dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in white vinegar. The resulting mixture creates a kind of foam perfect for stripping a barbecue. All you have to do is grab a brush and scrub the surfaces. Finally, cleaning is completed by rinsing thoroughly with clean water and drying with a clean cloth.
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