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The City of Montreal is canceling, in extremis, the paving work undertaken on Monday morning on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, between Saint-Joseph and Mont-Royal. She mentions a “communication error”.

Does the City of Montreal want our death?Asked Julie Mercier, owner of Espace Nomad, on boulevard Saint-Laurent at the corner of Villeneuve last week, when she received the notice from the Municipality announcing that there would be work paving and limit traffic in front of his business from June 22 to July 6.

I thought I was in a bad dramatic comedySays the entrepreneur, emotional. “I said to myself: well, in the City, they said to themselves, the traders who are not yet dead, we are going to finish them off with cones and shovels.

However, Julie Mercier is rather Zen. In life, it’s a positive, but there, no, no, these jobs were too much.

While I work countless hours to save my business and jobs of my employees, are we doing this?She said, incredulous, with the noise of the building site invading the room in the background.

There is a lack of connection with the reality of traders, a lack of respect.

His neighbor, Mr. Filo, from the Filo hardware store that has been open for 43 years, hasn’t even reopened his store. “What’s the point? Nobody is going to come to an independent hardware store right now.

© Ivanoh Demers / Radio-Canada
Judy Servay, general manager of the Robin des Bois restaurant, shares her dismay at recent work around her business, a non-profit restaurant intended to support community organizations helping the most disadvantaged.

Opposite, Judy Servay of the Robin Hood restaurant tells us that she burst into tears when she saw the trucks arriving in front of the restaurant.

We worked during the pandemic to find solutions, to reinvent ourselves, to offer a catering service and there, the day we can finally reopen, we make the street unlivable. I am discouraged“, She tells us.

It is 1:30 p.m. on Monday, June 22, when we are speaking with Ms. Servay. At 2 p.m., we chat with other restaurateurs and merchants who share exactly the same feeling of dismay at this work, which will take two weeks.

Works canceled following questions from Radio-Canada

However, when we contacted the office of the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal, Luc Rabouin, shortly before 4 p.m., his staff was not aware of the work in progress on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

These works have “escaped” the vigilance of the elected officials of the borough», We were told at first.

The work undertaken on boulevard Saint-Laurent is hampering both traffic and the hopes of merchants in the borough.

© Ivanoh Demers / Radio-Canada
The work undertaken on boulevard Saint-Laurent is hampering both traffic and the hopes of merchants in the borough.

Then, we were reminded to tell us that the work started was going to be suspended in petto.

After verification, these two-week road repair works were postponed to the fall to allow traders on Boulevard Saint-Laurent to make the most of the terrace season, offered at a price symbolic of $ 50 this summer due to the pandemic. This is a communication error on the part of the work planning teams which will be corrected as soon as possible“Said the borough’s mayor’s office.

The deputy leader of the opposition to the City of Montreal, Francesco Miele, is severe. “This new episode demonstrates the City’s improvisation and mismanagement. How much will it cost all of this?

The Plateau-Mont-Royal borough also has decided to suspend a site on rue Saint-Denis after having received complaints from restaurateurs established on this artery, mentioned in an article published on the Radio-Canada site last Saturday.


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