their American dream “in tatters”

their American dream

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Harry and Meghan Markle in uncertainty: their American dream “in tatters”

By settling in Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan Markle dreamed of being able to start from scratch, while making their personal and professional projects a reality. Ambitions now seriously compromised by the Covid-19 pandemic.

From disillusionment to disillusionment. After withdrawing from the royal family last March, Harry and Meghan Markle dreamed of making a fresh start in Los Angeles. However, since their installation in the City of Angels, nothing went as planned by the couple. With the Covid-19 pandemic and containment, all of Harry and Meghan’s big ambitions have come together to the point of death. “They had huge plans once they settled in Los Angeles (…) and now iIt is obvious that these projects are in tatters “, confirms a royal commentator, relayed by Express.

The couple’s first aborted project: find their dream home in Los Angeles to build their home and allow little Archie to grow up with complete peace of mind. Waiting for power resume their research, once containment lifted in California, Harry and Meghan Markle would occupy actor Tyler Perry’s villa, which the Duchess of Sussex’s friend lent them. Difficult then for the couple to devote themselves fully to their professional projects without permanent residence. Especially since Meghan Markle, who dreams of returning to her acting career, is particularly affected by the cessation of film and series shooting.

An uncertain future

Despite difficult beginnings, the former star of Suits yet had set foot in the stirrup by lending his voice to the Disney Nature documentary, Elephant, just before confinement. He will now have to wait until the movie sets are operational again to hope to return to the spotlight. Just as the couple will have to wait to launch their new charitable foundation Archwell or try to find financial resources. “They had plans to get into the corporate world, in the very, very lucrative world of public speakingsays Russell Myers, the editor of Daily Mirror. To believe that the predictions of the American presenter Sharon Osbourne, who had estimated that the couple was rushing into the wall by moving to Los Angeles, may ultimately turn out to be true.


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