“There is no favor deal”


Image provided by the Irekia service of the Basque Government of the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu. (EFE)

The Lehendakari, Inigo Urkullu, has affirmed that there is no “favorable treatment” for Euskadi by the central government in the de-escalation, but rather that there is a “exercise” by the PNV and itself of “defense of self-government”. Urkullu assures that after PNV support for the sixth and last extension In the state of alarm, no one has “blamed” an alleged treatment of favor towards Euskadi in exchange for those votes.

In an interview on ‘Cadena Ser’, he assured that the only caveat was in the videoconference last Sunday in which there was “some criticism” of the agreement that will mean that the Basque Country manages the Minimum Vital Income promoted by the central government. In his opinion, these are criticisms “without realizing what is the reality of the Spanish Constitution itself and the recognition of historical rights. ”

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Victor Romero. ValenciaThe Ministry of Social Security may sign agreements for the autonomous regions to process and manage the minimum income files, but their recognition and payments will be reserved.

After noting that it is a matter that affects the hacienda and there are three territorial haciendas in the Basque Country, he added that it also has an impact as a Social Security benefit, in the management of the economic regime of Social Security, which is a competence contemplated in the Statute of autonomy of the Basque Country since 1979. “But there has been nothing that has been reproached me or that has been thrown in my face”, has indicated. Iñigo Urkullu has stated that he and the PNV, like Lehendakari of a coalition government, claim “respect for self-government recognized as a singular fact in the Spanish Constitution itself that comes from the Historical Rights recognized in the first additional Provision of the Spanish Constitution ” “And, in our case, in addition, we are talking about issues that have as a consequence of the economic agreement law,” he added.

Ensures that managing public finances is a competence contemplated in the Statute of Autonomy of the Basque Country since 1979

The Lehendakari has insisted that I try “none” and what there is “an exercise” both by the PNV and by him as Lehendakari in defense of self-government and respect for what “is contemplated in the Organic Law of the Spanish Constitution itself.” Questioned as to whether he believes that the rest of the communities should also be able to manage the Minimum Vital Income, he has indicated that it is limited to what is contemplated in the case of Euskadi in the Statute of Autonomy, which is the Fourth Transitory Provision, which speaks of the competence “that assists” the Basque Country in managing the economic regime of Social Security that “is still pending transfer 40 years later”.

“This also has to do with the hacienda and being aware that in the Basque Country and in Navarre, but in the Basque Country, which is what I am responsible for speaking about, it is we who, with unilateral management risk in particular the Historical Territories, the Provincial Councils collect the money, and we do not finance what is the financing by the Spanish Government, not so in other communities, “he added.


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