these embarrassing love letters for the singer

these embarrassing love letters for the singer

Bob Dylan and Françoise Hardy: these embarrassing love letters for the singer

This Friday June 19, Bob Dylan is releasing a new album Rough and Rowdy Ways. The opportunity to return to her obsession with Françoise Hardy and her fiery letters which somewhat embarrassed the singer, as she confided to Nagui in 2018.

On the eve of his 80th birthday, music legend Bob Dylan is releasing a brand new album this Friday, June 19, entitled Rough and Rowdy Ways. For sixty years now, the artist has written his songs instinctively. An innate artistic fiber to which Françoise Hardy is no stranger since she recently received fiery love letters signed by the hand of the interpreter of Like a Rolling Stone.

Falling madly in love with the wife of Jacques Dutronc after seeing her in a photo, Bob Dylan had decided in the early 60s to take his courage in both hands and declare his love for him. The artist, who had his habits in a café in Greenwich Village, will never find the strength to send his letters to François Hardy. Her drafts, then carefully kept by the owner of the establishment, will be given to her recipient in 2018, after the latter’s death, as she related to Nagui in the Original Sound Track. Some embarrassing documents for the singer who never shared the feelings of the musician.

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A missed appointment in May 1966

I have to say that the two stars have only met once. On May 24, 1966, Bob Dylan performed at the Olympia. Invited to join the after-party that the American organized in his George-V suite, Françoise Hardy remembers a “uncomfortable situation, as she explained to our colleagues from L’Express in 2016.

At one point, he half-opened the door and asked me to come alone. Bob Dylan made me hear Just like a woman and I want you “, then remembered the interpreter of All boys and girls, It was only by writing my autobiography that I wondered for the first time if there was no intention in this choice. I was very naive. ” The following year, it will formalize his couple with Jacques Dutronc, met in 1965, breaking Bob Dylan’s heart.


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