this last “great sorrow” at the death of Guy Bedos

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VIDEO Michel Drucker: the latter “great sorrow” at the death of Guy Bedos

Guy Bedos died on Thursday May 26. A week later, his relatives and family paid him a final tribute in Paris. Michel Drucker was present, and was able to realize the sadness of the humorist’s children, increased tenfold by a last great regret, linked to confinement.

A week after his disappearance, last Thursday May 28, Guy Bedos received multiple tributes, during his funeral, in Paris, this Thursday, June 4. Celebrities and anonymous were gathered around the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church for a last goodbye to the humorist. Nicolas and Victoria, his children, just like Muriel Robin, had poignant words and gestures during this funeral. Michel Drucker was also present. The host had paid tribute at the last Strongly Sunday, to his longtime friend. He was also on CNews, this Friday, June 5, to talk about this friendship, but also to return to the last days of Guy Bedos.

“The spirit elsewhere”

As Victoria, Michel Drucker is well aware that confinement may have been fatal to Guy Bedos. “We couldn’t come to see you for fear of killing you by kissing you. And we killed you by not coming to kiss you finally”, wrote his daughter, in Paris Match, Thursday June 4. Michel Drucker returns to this complicated period. It’s the great sorrow, that the last two months of his life, his children wanted to see him every day, and they couldn’t “. The presenter then regrets on several occasions that Guy Bedos was lonely because of the Covid-19. “He finished his life elsewhere, sad, adds Michel Drucker. This pandemic came at a terrible time, a time when his family wanted to see him and when he needed to see his family.“The last farewell, this Thursday, June 4, may not erase all the regrets.

In pictures: the people present at the funeral of Guy Bedos