this low-calorie seasonal fruit fights against insomnia to fall asleep faster naturally

this low-calorie seasonal fruit fights against insomnia to fall asleep faster naturally

What if you just had to drink cherry juice to sleep well? A scientific study proves that this summer fruit promotes sleep. Explanations.

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The cherry the least caloric fruit to sleep well.

At the time when summer settles, the stalls are colored. And if we had found the low calorie fruit which boosts the quality of our sleep while satisfying our cravings? Natural sources of melatonin and serotonin, cherries would be allies to calm us down and help us sleep well. In any case, this is what is advanced with Well and good Bonnie Taub-Dix, nutritionist: “ Cherries are naturally rich in melatonin, the latter helps regulate the cycle of sleep and can even affect irritability ” Effects which have attracted the attention of the scientific community which has examined the question by conducting a study. Subjects with chronic insomnia, people over the age of 50 drank a 240 ml glass of cherry juice or a placebo, twice a day for two weeks. At the end, the research team noted that the group having drunk this famous juice slept an average of 84 minutes more per night. The study concludes: ” Cherry juice increased sleep time and sleep efficiency ” And to clarify that the cherry ” reduces inflammation and may be partly responsible for improving insomnia

Choose the cherry and keep it

The month of June marks the peak of the cherry season. Nothing could be simpler than choosing the best fruits. First sign of freshness? Its peduncle (tail). This end should be perfectly solid and attached to the cherry. The outer flesh of the cherry also provides many clues. It should be bright, colorful and fleshy indicates Interfel. Ideally, the cherry should be eaten the same day. But it can be stored for three days at room temperature and up to five days in the refrigerator. In this case, the fruits should be placed in an airtight container to preserve their flavor.

Cooking the Cherry

Cherries are very easy to prepare. Just rinse them with clean water and dry them by placing them on a sheet of absorbent paper. Eat raw, eaten in a clafoutis, or in jam … Cherries are the prerogative of gourmands and gourmands.

They meet all our culinary desires. It must be said that they are perfect for combinations with a sweet-salty effect. They sublimate a slice of goat cheese, or it goes perfectly with meat.

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