This summer, Arte will sell the dream!

This summer, Arte will sell the dream!

“Summer of Dreams” is the theme of the cultural channel this year, in July and August. The programming is very enticing!

Pop-culture fans look forward to the Summer of ’menu every yearArte. After blowing a wave of freedom last year, on the sidelines of the 40th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Franco-German channel dreams of technicolor and offers the key to dreams with “Summer of dreams

Dreaming, wandering, giving free rein to desires and utopias: such is the ambition of “Summer of Dreams”, which will hover over Arte from July 10 to August 23. “Key to the subconscious, our dreams disturb us and inspire us, day and night. Placing the imagination in power, they give us the strength to change society. Sweet refuge, they extricate us from a gloomy or oppressive daily life. During these long, confined weeks, they helped broaden horizons and imagine a different “after”. As the danger wears off and life slowly resumes, they are more necessary than ever to reinvent a fairer and more sustainable world.” So much for the pitch!

Like every summer, the program is commensurate with the event and sweeps the idea that in summer, the TV lowers the shutter. Rather judge!


The session will start on July 10 with “Pop Utopia” In two parts, a feverish portrait of our great ideals of the 20th and 21st centuries and the musicians who defend them through their art. From the dream of Martin Luther King to the battles of the LGBT community, including the American Dream. The same evening, a little gem: “John Lennon: Imagine” Between recording sessions, fragments of clips and intimate snippets, a fascinating experimental collage around the album “Imagine”, signed John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The same weekend, the life of Walt disney will hold no secrets from us. Through multiple archives and interviews with his loved ones, the documentary in two episodes details the essential stages of Disney’s journey.

The following week, Arte will return to Whitney Houston’s career with the doc “Whitney – Can I Be Me?“, Which reveals behind the scenes of its turbulent history, told by those close to it. On Saturday July 24, the whole evening will be dedicated to Simon & Garfunkel with the doc “The Other American Dream” which recounts the genesis of the group.

To finish the month of July, Arte will propose “The Witch of Sound“, A doc who will try to better understand the musical universe of Kate bush. On August 7, the documentary will be dedicated to freedom on 4 wheels. “The Automobile under socialismIs a spectacular journey in the footsteps of socialist automotive culture and its history, past and present.

In mid-August, two American cinema superstars will be in the spotlight. First of all, Patrick Swayze through an original documentary where, ten years after his early death from cancer, his relatives, including his wife Lisa Niemi, look back on his existence, from the glory of Hollywood to the solitude of his ranch in New Mexico . The next day, the cameras will turn to Schwarzie. “The Factory of Arnold Schwarzenegger“, A documentary which traces the rise of this self-made man in the light of the Terminator myth in an America fascinated by the reign of machines.

Finally, an evening Coldplay to conclude “Summer of Dreams”, with “Head Full Of Dreams”, a film where for the first time, one of the biggest pop-rock groups of our time comments on its history. Spectacular performances by titles such as “Fix You” or “Viva La Vida” are thus juxtaposed with more intimate moments taken from behind the scenes, which unequivocally reveal the depth of friendship and fraternity that unites the different members of the group – to paint a detailed portrait of the rise of Coldplay, from Camden pubs to the biggest stadiums around the world. Also with an unpublished doc on Meryl streep. Finally, the Chippendales will no longer have secrets for viewers either!


Good sound too all summer long with the recording of the concerts of the Mylo Xyloto Tour of Coldplay (21/8). For those who missed the anniversary tour of Take That, Arte is offering the 2019 “Odissey – The Greatest Hits Tour” concert (14/8).

In 1986, Queen was giving a concert to the Hungarians, it was “Hungarian Rhapsody”, a live from Budapest. It will be released on August 7. As there is something for everyone, Arte offers, on 7/31, the spectacular capture of the tour of Pink floyd in 1989, “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour”. Filmed using 27 cameras at the Nassau Coliseum in New York, David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason are full of energy and sing their most emblematic hits: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Time, The Great Gig In the Sky and Wish You Were Here. This film was completely remastered in 4K and 5.1 surround sound.

Included in the special evening, the concert of Simon & Garfunkel in Central Park. It was a September 19, 1981 recording in New York, which marks the reunion of the duo after ten years of separation. And the youngest will not miss “The Primsatic World Tour” from Katy Perry, in 2015…


Some films to review like “Dune“,”Out of Africa“,”The never-ending story“,”The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain” or “Vanilla SkyWill illustrate the theme.

This year is the musician Barbara Carlotti who designed the sound design that will envelop these dreams of summer nights. She will also be the voiceover of this “Summer of Dreams”.


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