Thomas Dutronc does not give reassuring news of his mom

Thomas Dutronc does not give reassuring news of his mom

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Françoise Hardy does not seem to be getting back into shape: Thomas Dutronc does not give reassuring news about his mother

Françoise Hardy has fought against several cancers in recent years. Today officially in remission, the singer remains weak and does not seem to recover an iron health.

“His life is painful”

Interviewed on the occasion of the release of his new album “Frenchy”, his son Thomas Dutronc gave news of his mother. “We will say that her state of health is not great. Finally, she is fine, cancer level she is really in remission, but she has lots of small glitches every day which make her life painful”, he explains.

The 76-year-old singer seems to find it increasingly difficult to be positive. “She is not in high spirits”, adds his son, who remains optimistic on his side. “But now, we hope we will find solutions.”

4 years of fighting

As a reminder, Françoise Hardy conquered cancer of the lymphatic system in 2016, before returning to the studio for the album “Nobody else”. Unfortunately, pharynx cancer and the side effects of his chemotherapy have taken away his hope of singing again. “I’m not sure I can sing again or even want to sing it because when you’re half deaf, it doesn’t seem possible to me. I’m 75, I think I’ve sung enough like this “, she said last year on RTL France.


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