Thousands of people demonstrate to avoid Alcoa closure and the loss of 500 jobs

Thousands of people demonstrate to avoid Alcoa closure and the loss of 500 jobs

Galicia is mobilizing to avoid the closure of Alcoa.

Headed by a hearse and idle. This is how thousands of people dressed in mourning have protested the Portuguese town of Xove in defense of the continuity of the aluminum industry in A Mariña.

After a banner that read ‘The people in struggle for employment’, a crowd of residents of To Mariña has returned to the streets this Saturday to recreate what the closure of the aluminum industry would mean for the region and the 500 workers that they would lose their job in order to Alcoa.

The president of the Association of Merchants, Industrialists and Autonomous (Aciam) of Xove, Juan Carlos González, has pointed out that “it would be very painful the economic and industrial burial of the area, “which is why this Saturday the people have traveled demanding the maintenance of employment”several thousand people“, as he has pointed out.

“The demonstration has been a complete success, although real success will be achieved if layoffs are stopped“González has indicated. For him and for the rest of the citizens of the area that has demonstrated”Aloca, as a multinational, is a free company to decide to leave, but it cannot close it and not offer an alternative. ”

“Sell it or the government intervenes the factory, we do not care, we want a solution,” he added. In fact, the president believes that it would be “a mafia and even criminal act” if the multinational closed “and left this abandoned”, since the company “received over the years a lot of public money.”

For this reason, both the protesters on foot and in the trucks and vehicles have traveled more than 2 kilometers in a slow march that began at the entrance to the town and was joined by the vehicles that left from the industrial estate.

Under the premise of keep the job in any case, The people who protested this Saturday came to Beltrán, “complying with all the safety regulations” required by the health crisis and “peacefully,” González said.

After this day, on Sunday the assistants will also go “en masse” to the demonstration that is celebrated in Viveiro because in the opinion of the president of this Association “this cannot be stopped, it is a marathon that until the area is achieved to remain stable and ensure that jobs are maintained” will continue to mobilize.


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