Top Chef 2020 – Mallory: why he has trouble concentrating during an event

why Mallory has trouble concentrating in an event

This Wednesday, June 10, M6 broadcasts the rest of the semi-final of “Top Chef”. At this stage of the culinary adventure, there are only three candidates hoping to win the title. If Adrien Cachot and David Gallienne respectively won their test, the pressure is on Mallory. In a recent interview, he confided behind the scenes of the show.

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Top Chef 2020 – Mallory: why he has trouble concentrating during an event

On February 19, M6 kicked off the new season of “Top Chef”. In the casting, 15 candidates put on their aprons to compete in the formidable tests of the competition, under the supervision of four jurors: Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze, Paul Pairet and Hélène Darroze. Over the weeks, some candidates have been eliminated. Last week, viewers were able to follow the first part of the semi-final of “Top Chef” which opposed Adrien Cachot, David Gallienne and Mallory Gabsi.

With the coronavirus crisis, some episodes of the show were cut into two parts. Thus, this Wednesday, June 10, the faithful of the program have an appointment on M6 to discover the rest of the semi-final. A penultimate round during which Mallory is going to have to give everything, at the risk of being eliminated at the gates of the final. “I am very cool. There is bound to be stress, but I remain quite posed in my head, ready to start,” he confided to Télé-Loisirs. And to continue: “I do not have the right to miss me, I am aware of it. It stresses! I will do what I can do with my technique, my way of cooking, my good mood, and here it is”.

A slightly overbearing journalist?

On June 5, Mallory was the guest of the show “Welcome home” on LFM. The opportunity for the finalist of “Top Chef” to evoke its confinement. “I cooked a lot, which I didn’t often do at home because when I come home from work, I’m tired so I don’t cook a lot. We did tidying up in the attic, the cellar. ‘we don’t usually do it, we do it during confinement “.

In the rest of the interview, he said what was most “complicated” during the filming of the program. “During an event, we have a journalist who is in front of us and who asks us a lot of questions. It is not easy to be focused on the event, on the timing that we have left and at the same time, answer questions. journalist’s questions, “he said.