Torra says he will call elections when the coronavirus crisis ends

Torra says he will call elections when the coronavirus crisis ends

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The President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has stated this Friday in Lleida that will call elections when the health and socioeconomic crisis caused by the coronavirus ends, and has therefore justified that the referendum he advocated has been postponed until the next legislature.

On a visit to the city of Lleida, Torra recognized the referendum that “should have been during this term” but it has preferred to focus all the efforts of a government “without political path” to fight against the coronavirus health crisis.

According to the president of the Generalitat, the Catalan elections will take place when “the situation is on track and never for partisan reasons “And he stressed that it will be then “when we will have an excellent opportunity for the parties to explain to the citizens how they want to advance towards independence.”

On managing the pandemic, Torra stressed the importance of having all the skills and resources because: “We would have managed it differently alone.” He stressed, at this point, that “it is more necessary than ever for Catalonia to have all the skills and resources, and that means moving towards independence in a more determined way.”

Torra has expressed interest in talk to “the entire independence movement in general”, to find out how the situation is after the epidemic and to decide “how to continue to move towards independence in a determined way”.

Regarding the request approved yesterday by the Congress of the JxCat spokesperson in this chamber, Laura Borràs, the Catalan president has considered that “no independentista will have a fair trial in Spain”, and for this reason he believes: “Against repression we must always be united”.


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