United Kingdom, 3 dead and 2 injured in a park in Reading

United Kingdom, 3 dead and 2 injured in a park in Reading

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UK in shock. Several people were allegedly stabbed in a park in Reading, a town located in the south of the country, near London. According to the latest news, it appears that it is an attack and there are 3 dead and two injured. The story took place exactly inside the Forbury city park. This was reported by the Daily Star, which speaks of a large deployment of police forces immediately rushed to the scene. Numerous law enforcement and ambulance cars headed to the Berkshire park.

UK in shockOn Twitter, Thames Valley police confirmed the investigation had started: “We are aware of the news of an accident in Forbury Gardens, Reading. The agents are on the scene and investigating the accident.” On social media, many British citizens shared videos and photos of what happened. Through Twitter, Jason Brock, president of the local Council, asked citizens to move away from the area and thus give ambulances and police the opportunity to work: “Regarding the center of Reading, please stay away from the area while the police are facing a serious serious accident. The Reading Council is in contact with the emergency services and will support them if necessary. “Co-adviser Adele Barnett-Ward also added that very disturbing news is coming about a serious accident in Forbury Gardens. Again advised the population not to approach the area to allow rescue workers to operate without hindrance.

There is talk of 3 dead and 2 injuredEyewitnesses said they saw several people left stabbed in the park in question. The Reuters agency and the BBC also confirmed what happened. On Saturday afternoon, a demonstration of Black Lives Matter had taken place in that very park. According to reports so far, however, the stabbing would not seem related to the anti-racist demonstration. In some videos posted on Twitter, wounded on the ground would be shown, and some health workers who are trying to revive them. It must be said that theauthenticity of the images that are shooting on the web. The whole area is manned by numerous police cars.

The manhunt has started

Local authorities have repeatedly called on citizens not to approach the manned area. Meanwhile, a manhunt has started to find those responsible for the tragedy that shook the United Kingdom. It would seem that the attacker has in fact managed to escape and to lose his tracks. To understand if it is a single person. Still no confirmation from law enforcement agencies on the number of victims and details of the attack. “Deeply concerned to hear news of an accident in Reading. My thoughts are with everyone involved, including the police and rescuers on the scene. “British Interior Minister Priti Patel wrote on twitter, commenting on the stabbing in the city of Reading, which shocked the UK.


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