US senators want to prevent US troop withdrawals from Germany

US senators want to prevent US troop withdrawals from Germany

Resistance to Trump’s partial withdrawal is also growing within the ranks.

A group of senators places a defensive budget. To receive funds, the Secretary of Defense has to make a statement to Congress.

Leading US senators from both parties want that from President Donald Trump desired Withdrawal of American troops from Germany prevent by law. The group placed a budget in the Senate before the defense budget passed, the Republican Senator Mitt Romney’s office said on Monday (local time).

Budget funds should only be used for a deduction if the Defense Minister explains in a report to Congress that this is in the interests of national security and the security of European ones NATO-Partner not endangered.

“The withdrawal of US troops from Germany would be a gift to Russia – and that’s the last thing we should do,” said former Republican presidential candidate Romney. Trump’s close confidante, Senator Lindsey Graham, also supported the move.

Democrat Chris Coons said: “Withdrawing nearly 10,000 soldiers from Germany without consulting the German government and our other European allies does not make America any safer.” Democrat Jeanne Shaheen said that troop presence in Germany was in the mutual interest.

Also in the House of Representatives there are both Republicans as well as Democrats’ resistance to the withdrawal plans. The Democrats also submitted an application there to prevent troops from Germany from leaving the household.

Trump can order the partial withdrawal as commander-in-chief of the armed forces – however, it will take money to carry it out, which Congress must approve. Until the approval of the military budget (NDAA), there will probably still be compromises and deals, which could result in Trump’s requests being blocked.

Trump wants to reduce the number of US troops in Germany from a good 34,500 to 25,000. With the partial deduction, he wants to punish Germany for what he considers to be insufficient defense expenditure. Some of the soldiers withdrawn from Germany should then strengthen the units in Polandas Trump said last week.

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