US threatens retaliation by letter to government if it does not renounce the ‘Google rate’

US threatens retaliation by letter to government if it does not renounce the 'Google rate'

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The United States hardens its threats against Spain if it does not renounce the call Google rate. In a letter sent to several European countries, including ours, the US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has demanded that they desist from applying this tax and has threatened retaliation if they go ahead, as collected this Wednesday The Finantial Times.

In the case of Spain, the letter has been sent to the head of the Ministry of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who will respond to the letter jointly with their European counterparts, but he does not plan to stop the project, as confirmed The world.

“This is a time when the world’s governments should focus their attention on dealing with the economic problems it generates the covid-19“reproaches the author of the letter, sent to both Montero and his counterparts in France, the United Kingdom and Italy.

In this sense, the Secretary of the Treasury of the US Government anticipates that your country will not continue negotiations with the OECD to create a new digital tax. “As we have repeatedly said, if countries choose to collect or adopt these taxes, The US will respond with proportionally relevant measures“Steve Mnuchin has threatened.

Investigation against Spain

This movement joins that of the Office of the US Trade Representative, which has decided to open an investigation to the European Union and nine other countries, including Spain, regarding taxes on digital services, as reported by Europa Press.

In addition to the EU and Spain, the Office has initiated this investigation by examining Austria, Brazil, the Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The investigation, covered by section 301 of the United States Commerce Law, still has a journey of many months before concluding. Among the measures that the Commercial Representative could propose if the investigation is conclusive is the imposition of trade tariffs.

The analysis started this Tuesday is still in its initial phase, so the Office of the Commercial Representative has only asked for comments and suggestions from the parties potentially involved in the case.


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