Virologist Streeck is critical of lockdown, tracing app and masks

Virologist Streeck is critical of lockdown, tracing app and masks

Virologist Hendrik Streeck critically evaluates some of the corona measures. The lockdown may not have been necessary.

© Photo: Federico Gambarini / dpa
Hendrik Streeck in a laboratory of his institute in Bonn.

Bonn virologist Hendrick Streeck doubts that the lockdown in March was really necessary. After the first restrictions such as the cancellation of major events, the infection rate has already decreased, he said “New Osnabrück newspaper”.

“The other measures such as contact restrictions I would have made it dependent on the actual course “ – also to see how the individual restrictions work and whether additional steps are really necessary.

“But we went into the lockdown too quickly, because there was a concern that the intensive care beds might not be enough and there was also some public pressure, “said Streeck.

The benefits too the Corona app announced by the federal government he doubts. It would come “a bit late”, he said, “especially since it is not known whether anything can help to control a pandemic in Germany.”

The benefits of numerous corona tests asked the director of the Institute of Virology at the University of Bonn given the high cost also in question. “Depending on the laboratory, the healthcare system would ideally pay 59 euros per test – with 400,000 pieces per week, it means a lot of money. If you then still have to systematically screen, it becomes even more. If we only see 1 positive result on 100 tests, the question is, is it still worth it?

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Streeck also stirred a discussion about the mask requirement at. “At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a clear warning about masks. The reasons for this still apply, even if, strangely enough, they no longer seem to matter.

People shuffle the masks into their pockets, hold them constantly and strap them over their mouths for two weeks, probably unwashed. It is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. “

Looking at schools and daycare centers, the professor explained, “Children are not the big virus throwers”. VEverything is said irologically on the question of opening up. “The decision now has to be made politically. In any case, teachers have no higher risk of infection than other professional groups that work in a comparable way with people. ” (with KNA)

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