Warning of lethal poison in drinks

Warning of lethal poison in drinks

© Getty Images / The Image Bank Unreleased / Tom Sibley
Police have discovered poison in beverage bottles in the supermarket Credit: Getty Images / The Image Bank Unreleased / Tom Sibley

It is still unclear who is behind it and how many drinks and which supermarkets it concerns: In two Munich supermarkets, drinks bottles with deadly poison have appeared.

The police are now investigating for attempted murder. In March and April there were four known incidents so far.

In three cases, customers would have drunk from the solvent-manipulated bottles – luckily, only a small amount. Two women, aged 34 and 42, had to be given medical treatment immediately.

Customers complained of dizziness and nausea after drinking

They complained about consumption – just like a 48-year-old customer – about dizziness, nausea and circulatory problems.

The police then had the bottles examined and it was found that these and a fourth bottle were poisoned. However, this fourth bottle had not yet been sold. The police have set up a special commission with 22 employees, the “Soko Tox”.

According to the MunichEvening News“Who relies on the police, the dose would have been fatal if the entire bottle had been drunk. Drinks in different supermarket chains in the city were affected. What chains they are has not been said.

According to the newspaper, profilers are also active in the special commission, which now assume that the perpetrator (s) could strike again. The police are therefore warning the population. In particular, when buying drinks, it is essential to ensure that the seal is still unbroken.

Milky residues were found in the bottles, according to the police, the smell was chemical. The investigators rule out an error in the supply chain, assuming that the perpetrator has prepared and placed the bottles. However, puzzling: No blackmail letter has yet appeared.


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