What do we know about the anti-Semitic insults heard during the rally for Adama Traore?

What do we know about the anti-Semitic insults heard during the rally for Adama Traore?

Saturday in Paris, near the rally for Adama Traoré.

According to witnesses interviewed, these cries, broadcast by a video of “Current values”, do not reflect the general atmosphere of the demonstration.

Question asked by Guillaume on 06/13/2020


You are asking us about anti-Semitic insults made during the demonstration against police violence which took place this Saturday, on Place de la République, in Paris.

The information comes from a video relayed by the media Current values, viewed more than 780,000 times.

In these images, filmed from Place de la République, demonstrators can be seen reacting to an action by militants from the far-right group Génération Identitaire. They are deploying a banner with the inscription “Justice for the victims of anti-white racism. White lives matter » on the roofs of a building overlooking the square.

In the video, we actually hear, at least three times, the insult “dirty jew!Without it being possible to precisely determine the person (s) causing this cry. Many internet users blame the black man wearing a cap, identifiable in the images, the lens of the phone regularly turning towards his face. But according to our observations, it is only possible to attribute it with certainty the following words: “Come and see me face to face, come and see me if you’re a man.”

More generally, it is also possible to hear, at this moment, many hoots and a song taken up en masse by those present. A few meters ahead, a member of the Adama committee, at the microphone, chants his usual slogan “No justice, no peace”, inviting the demonstrators to “ignore”, as journalist Sarah Benichou shows, who captioned the video after cleaning up the noise track.

Less than an hour after the video was published by the Twitter account of Current values, the information is taken up by the Paris Prefecture of Police who, on social networks, then speaks of a cry chanted by “The demonstrators”, thus generalizing the making of these anti-Semitic remarks to all those present.

However, verification made, it appears doubtful to affirm that these words were massively relayed by the crowd.

Indeed, the video of Current values is online at 4.33 p.m., exactly two hours after the events occurred – the banner having been deployed shortly after 2.30 p.m. During this time, no mention of the insult was made on social media. The first reactions to these comments appear, according to our observations, from 16.54, twenty minutes after the publication of the video.

Geoffroy Lejeune, editorial director of Current values, explains to CheckNews the reason for this delay by the fact that the source encountered technical problems: “We had several sources in the demo, journalists from Current values and sources of trust. This video was filmed around 2:30 p.m., we released it afterwards, the time to recover it because the person who filmed it – a source, therefore – struggled a little with a saturated network. Time also to speak to him to have all the context and the story of the scene in his mouth. We will communicate soon to clear all the questions asked since yesterday on this subject.“Asked about the context provided by his source, Geoffroy Lejeune indicates that the cries came from “Two people minimum sure, maybe a third”. Information impossible to cross-check, the person (s) being out of scope.

In any event, several witnesses present in the perimeter, between 2.30 p.m. and 2.40 p.m., assure that these remarks do not reflect the general atmosphere. This is first of all the case for three journalists from CheckNews, on the spot. A video shot by us at 2:41 p.m., while local residents are tearing the banner from their balcony, lets hear the song “Everyone hates the fascists”.

Likewise, the reporter Sylvain Mouillard, sent on site to Release, indicates: “I did not hear this insult, neither directly nor repeated, but hey, there were thousands of people on the place … In reaction to the banner of Generation Identity, I noticed hoots, insults, calls to “come down gang of cowards”, a resumption supported by the slogans of the demo (“No justice, no peace”) as well as slogans of the type “Everyone hates the fachos” or “No neighborhood for the fachos, no fachos in our neighborhoods. ” He adds : “Nothing anti-Semitic or even biased, but obviously I couldn’t see everything.”

Timothée Vilars, journalist for the Obs, was also on site. He explains: “I saw the videos like everyone else but I did not hear any anti-Semitic insults of the day, even if I of course went back and forth in the square and I could have missed things. In any case, to suggest that it was a crowd slogan seems untrue. There were a small number of scattered pro-Palestinian activists with flags and T-shirts calling for a boycott of Israel, which is quite common in this type of rally.

In addition, other tweets were published at the same time, during the deployment of the banner at 2:34 pm and from the same point of view. In this video filmed by journalist Audrey Pulvar, we hear the songs “No fachos in our neighborhoods” and “No justice, no peace”.

Since then, Audrey Pulvar reacted on Twitter, saying she expected condemnations of these words from the Adama committee. Contacted by CheckNews, this one did not act.

Finally, this Sunday, a journalist from Figaro released a video – presumably shot later in the afternoon, during tensions with law enforcement – where he said he had “The impression of hearing” another anti-Semitic insult.

But, after several listenings from several members of the editorial staff, we cannot confirm with certainty what was said.




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