Home Breaking News What documents are needed to apply for the minimum vital income?

What documents are needed to apply for the minimum vital income?

What documents are needed to apply for the minimum vital income?

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The minimum vital income is already underway. The new urgent social aid for the most vulnerable families This crisis was approved last Friday during an extraordinary Council of Ministers. During the month of June, 100,000 homes will be the first In order to benefit from the benefit, those who urgently need it will receive it this month. It is, therefore, a benefit for those people in vulnerable situations whose income is less than 200 euros if the individual lives alone and has a part-time job that generates, at most, that amount of income. In the case of the family unit, it will be necessary to prove that it is below 450 euros. In addition to having a low income, another requirement is age: you must have between 23 and 65 years old (if they have dependent children from 18) and have home legal in Spain. The amount of the benefit will range between 461 and slightly less than 1,100 euros, an amount that will vary according to different variables such as number of adults or minors in the coexistence unit. The application for the minimum income must be submitted by the interested person. It can be carried out, preferably, through the electronic headquarters of Social Security. The application must be accompanied by documents proving that the requirements for access to aid are met. What are necessary? requirements of income and assets established for access to the minimum vital income benefit must not be accredited by applicants. The public administration will be in charge of collecting the information by telematic means. In this way, it will be analyzed that there is no more than a fixed patrimony to be able to access.

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