Why Dominique Lavanant has bad memories

what becomes of the actors of the cult film?

TF1 broadcasts this Thursday, June 4, “Les Bronzés font du ski”. If the film has become cult and seduces millions of French people every time it is broadcast, one of its actresses, Dominique Lavanant, does not have a good memory of it. Explanations with Non Stop People.

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The Bronzed are skiing: Why Dominique Lavanant has bad memories

Cardboard announced this Thursday evening on TF1. The channel rebroadcasts the cultism “The Bronzed are skiing” after having broadcast last Thursday, the first part of the vacationers “The Bronzed”. The same players are back in service to make children and adults laugh: Christian Clavier, Thierry Lhermitte, Josiane Balasko, Gérard Jugnot, Marie-Anne Chazel, Michel Blanc and Dominique Lavanant. The latter who embodies, in the two parts of “Bronzés”, the esthetician with the big heart but a little naive Christiane, does not keep a good memory of the turning of “Bronzés do ski”. Indeed, during the filming, the actress was not in the same hotel as the Splendid troupe. A shelving that she had badly experienced. “Dominique Lavanant was not in good shape. (…) She always had the confused feeling that the Splendid didn’t like her very much. She felt on the sidelines, “says Patrice Leconte in a book of interviews with journalist Hubert Prolongeau” I’m stopping cinema “published in 2011.

The actress put aside?

“By an absurd error, we put her in a hotel where she was alone. In the evening she got depressed and drank white wine saying that she wanted to go back to Paris. “In fact, I was never on the Splendid team. I had a nice role in the first Bronzes, then a less good one in “The Bronzes do skiing” And the last … here, “said Dominique Lavanant in the columns of France Soir in 2009. The actress, however, participated in the third component from the saga called “Les Bronzés 3. Amis pour la vie”. “This is my worst memory of filming, it was so horrible that I cried. In the eyes of the Splendid elders, I was nothing. Just a beginner in front of old friends, “the actress revealed in France Soir in 2011.


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