“You have very hot ch ****”


For the last broadcast of “C que du kif”, Cyril Hanouna is totally loose.

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Cyril Hanouna lets go completely with Sophie Coste: “You have very hot ch ****”

In recent times, Cyril Hanouna has been putting small dishes in the big ones. While “C que du kif” is coming to an end, Lino and Bianca’s father has shown his team all the colors. In fact, recently, he invited an odor expert to assess the odor on the feet of his columnists. Disgusting, we grant you … But Cyril is not his first far-fetched idea. An awkward moment for the show’s crew. “There are only two shows left, we’re in a rush”, Cyril Hanouna told his audience.

“What chronicler has stinking feet?” “ He declares at the start of the show. If those of Bernard Montiel smelled of “almond milk” and those of Géraldine Maillet evoked a “Forest”, others were more full-bodied. Caroline Ithurbide was entitled to “a borderline odor”… Oops! While Jean-Michel Maire learned that his feet had a smell of “Mushrooms and scallion”. Not nice ! But the least well served was Raymond Aabou, the expert was completely surprised by his smell and exclaimed: “Did you do it on purpose?” There clearly it is not possible … Did you put something? “

Tonight, Thursday, June 18, non-camera footage was released. On the images we see Cyril Hanouna who addresses Sophie Coste and who says to him: “You’re hot at the tail!” You have what is called a CTC: a very hot pussy. ” If the pretty brunette laughed softly, Cyril Hanouna repeated his sentence several times making Matthieu Delormeau laugh. However, not sure that Sophie Coste appreciated as much.

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