10 tips to refine your figure this summer

10 tips to refine your figure this summer

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10 tips to refine your figure this summer

Before the arrival of summer, many of us take care of ourselves in order to refine our silhouette. This is even the objective of many of us! But the beautiful days also signifying the return of dinner aperitifs, ice breaks and barbecues with friends, we start the summer without having lost a single kilo or a single centimeter. No need to despair or wait until next year, apply our best tips today to refine your figure.

Tips to apply every day for a refined silhouette

1- Adopt a balanced diet

The establishment of a balanced diet is within everyone’s reach: it is a question of favoring variety, adjust the quantities for adapted calorie intake and keep this pleasure of eating. The whole thing is do not create imbalance : eat a super light salad for lunch and allow yourself starters, main courses and gargantuan desserts in the restaurant in the evening for example. Also, don’t hesitate to take a hearty breakfast (whole grains, fruit, dairy) to limit the hunger cravings by 10 a.m. then apply the the balanced plate for the rest of the day: 50% fruit and vegetables, 25% whole grains and 25% protein (preferably lean or vegetable). Take pictures of your meals, this will help you take a step back from your diet.

2- Anticipate meals

It certainly requires a little upstreamorganisation, but it’s very effective! Make it list of your meals of the coming week and do your races accordingly. Warning: only buy what you need to cook (forget the chocolate bar), you limit snacking and, unconsciously, daily calorie intake. Shopping according to your weekly menus has several advantages: the cupboards are not filled with sweet or savory treats and the list of menus is already established, you can only respect it (so as not to spoil the content of your fridge).

3- Do not ignore the snack

The afternoon snack is often associated with unwanted and unnecessary snacking. So we often resist this little snack so as not to increase the calorie intake and take our bad patience. But once we get home, we have a great time for fresh bread, aperitif cookies or sausage. This is exactly what to avoid and that’s the whole point of the snack, which allows wait patiently until dinner without emptying the cupboards. So, for your next snack, don’t hold back. But remember that there is a snack and a snack: forget the 4 p.m. croissant and prefer a full snack : oilseeds, fruit, dairy … everything is to feel full!

4- Put on the sneakers

No need to look for vain excuses for not going for a run: summer is the ideal season to (re) get started! In general, sports d’endurance are allies of choice for a refined silhouette. So-called endurance activities require the body to make a considerable effort, forcing the body to use oxygen and glucose. However, after about 30 minutes of activity, the glucose stores are exhausted and the body somehow needs additional fuel. He will therefore have to dig into the fat stores in order to continue providing the energy necessary for the body, and this is a good first step towards a refined silhouette! And if you’re already at the beach, a jogging on the sand will only increase energy expenditure.

5- Build muscle every day

The bodybuilding is often left out because it is considered difficult and restrictive. But we can practice a little daily bodybuilding easily and without having to take out a subscription to the gym. You can for example rehearsals foot raises (lying on the side), crossed knees-elbows (lying on the back, legs raised), pelvic rotations (standing, bent legs and straight bust) and oblique crunches (on the back, hands behind the head). Good to know: bodybuilding is not only effective on muscle development, but also on basic metabolism (amount of energy expended at rest to ensure vital functions) by increasing caloric expenditure at rest. For your sessions, be sure to gradually increase the number of repetitions.

6- Set a deadline

Tell yourself that you want to lose weight and slim down, it’s good. But get started by fixing a start date and an end date, it’s even better. This will allow you to do not delay over and over again your program and you there devote to 100% over a defined period. Because sometimes not setting a due date can contribute to a certain let it go, on days when you hardly follow your program, at one (too many) long break… This is why WeCook WeCare launched its summer slimming box, so you can lose weight in just 28 days. On the program: an action plan with a dedicated dietitian coach, tailor-made slimming menus, a sports support, a daily support and a summer booklet. To try it is to adopt it !

7- Stay hydrated

If it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, it’s not for nothing. The benefits of sufficient water consumption are manifold: temperature regulation, optimal functioning of the brain, elimination of toxins… But does water help you lose weight? Directly no, it’s just myth. However, water can to contribute because it promotes the drainage of toxins and acts like a appetite suppressant. If you feel hungry, drinking several sips will make your stomach feel full. If you have trouble reaching 1.5 to 2 liters per day, there are multiple tips: tea, lemon water, a bottle always nearby … You will quickly adopt one of these automatic mechanisms to reach the recommendations.

8- Get enough sleep

Yes the sleep has a significant impact on line maintenance. If during the summer, the desire to continue the evenings is often felt, it should not be at the expense of your sleep. Because lack of sleep has several consequences. First of all, you should know that lack of sleep promotes ghrelin secretion (hunger hormone) and reduces leptin secretion (satiety hormone). This is partly why the nibbles are more significant in case of fatigue. Lack of sleep also slows down the basal metabolism, therefore less energy is spent at rest. But it is not finished ! Lack of sleep would also result alter fat metabolism… Sleep is indeed a slimming ally!

9- Do not (too) restrict yourself

Going on body and soul in a diet in order to lose weight too quickly encourages you to control your diet, even to limit oneself. We give up this little dessert that we love so much, the chocolate square with its coffee, the family snack on Sunday … Except that by dint of repeat restrictions, you end up cracking and swallowing everything in the cupboards. It is the perverse effect of restriction cognitive : a restrictive diet associated with a feeling of deprivation increases the negative eating behaviors. Fancy a dark chocolate square during a diet? Or a glass of white? Do not deprive yourself! A controlled little pleasure will always be better than a big crack.

10- See masses

No need to spend all your savings to get the latest slimming cream that promises mountains and wonders. The most important is to massage regularly, ideally every day, so drain tissue and fight dimpling. There is in particular the practice of feel and roll, which consists in massage the skin in mini waves (grab a fold of skin, lift it, roll it up and down) to increase the microcirculation. The palpate-roll technique would contribute to gain firmness and to dislodge body fat, especially on the thighs, legs or arms. It is also possible to try the kneading daily, by catching and kneading the fat with a skin fold (like kneading bread dough). Kneading would favor fat drainage and the blood flow stimulation.


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