208 new infections and 8 deaths

208 new infections and 8 deaths

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There are 8 coronavirus victims registered throughout Italy in the last 24 hours, for a total of 34,869 since the beginning of the infection, 208 new cases were found out of 22,166 swabs carried out.

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“There are 870 current Covid-19 positive cases in the Lazio Region. Of which 658 are in home isolation, 200 are hospitalized not in intensive care, 12 are hospitalized in intensive care. 842 patients have died and 6,493 people recovered”. This is highlighted by the bulletin of the Covid-19 crisis unit of the Lazio Region. ‘In Rome city there are 14 cases, prompt order for tests and swabs at the airport on flights from Dhaka’

“Today we record a figure of 19 positive cases and of these 13 are import cases (12 from Bangladesh), with a new death in the last 24 hours. In Rome city there are 14 new cases. The strong incidence of import cases is confirmed “. This was highlighted by the Lazio Region Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, in the bulletin of the Covid-19 Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region.

“The order is ready to place tests and swabs at the airport for special flights from Dhaka (Bangladesh) and the control entrusted to the local health authorities of the conditions of isolation of passengers. Today the flight arriving at Fiumicino at 5.45 pm – specifies the assessor – Of the new daily cases there are 12 positives of Bangladesh nationality, and of these 9 have a link correlated with international flights from Dhaka “. In the ASL Roma 1 there are seven new cases, including six from Bangladesh, and four of the latter patients live in a single home “. In the ASL Roma 2” there are 6 cases all of Bangladesh nationality and of these three have a link correlated with the flights already attended from Dhaka, and the remaining three cases have come to the emergency room of the Pertini hospital – recalls D’Amato – In the Asl Roma 6 there is a new positive case of a 37 year old man from access to the emergency aid to the Castelli hospital and transferred to Spallanzani “.

“Finally, as regards the provinces, we record two cases in the ASL of Latina: it is a man suffering from a heart attack and identified at the emergency room access and a second case of a woman of Indian nationality and returning from India, who was in isolation. An epidemiological investigation has been launched. ” Finally, a case also in the local health authority of Viterbo: “It is a man identified in the pre-hospitalization phase”, concludes D’Amato.


There are 2 deaths of positive people at the Covid-19 test communicated in the afternoon by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region, of which none currently registered today. The total of the deceased therefore rises to 4,104, divided as follows on a provincial basis: 1,811 Turin, 676 Alessandria, 395 Cuneo, 366 Novara, 255 Asti, 222 Vercelli, 208 Biella, 132 Verbano Cusio Ossola, as well as 39 residents outside the region but deceased in Piemonte.

The virologically cured patients, that is negative in the two tests at the end of the disease, are 25,136 (+25 compared to yesterday) while the infections are 31,429 (+6 compared to yesterday), thus divided on a provincial basis: 15,915 Turin , 4,070 Alessandria, 2,878 Cuneo, 2,798 Novara, 1,879 Asti, 1,329 Vercelli, 1,143 Verbano Cusio Ossola, 1,051 Biella, as well as 263 residents outside the region but in charge of the Piedmontese health facilities. The remaining 103 cases are being processed and territorially assigned. There are 9 hospitalized in intensive care, while 989 people in home isolation. Finally, the diagnostic swabs so far processed, amounted to 431,761, of which 236,760 were negative.

Emilia Romagna

Another 38 cases of coronavirus in Emilia-Romagna, including five with symptoms. The latter cases, two in Bologna and three in Modena, are mostly attributable to “existing outbreaks or already known cases”, as the region informs in the daily bulletin. The good news is that there is no death in the whole of Emilia-Romagna. But with only three healings, active cases date back, that is, the number of actual patients, to date they are 1,064 (35 more than yesterday). There are 2,371 new swabs, to which are added 1,193 other serological tests carried out in the last 24 hours. There are 965 people in solitary confinement at home, 33 more than yesterday, 90.7% of those sick. Intensive care patients remain nine, those hospitalized in the other covid wards are 90 (two more than yesterday). These are the cases of positivity in the area: 4,555 A piacenza (+3), 3,679 A parma (+8), 5,010 A reggio emilia (+4), 3,971 A modena (+5), 4,978 A bologna (11); 404 in imola (unchanged), 1,030 in ferrara (unchanged); 1,078 In Ravenna (+5), 962 in Forlì (unchanged), 808 in Cesena (+1) and 2,200 in Rimini (+1).


In the last 24 hours there are 27 new cases of covid-19 out of 775 swabs. This was communicated by the crisis unit of the Campania region in the bulletin issued at 5pm.

The total of positives thus rises to 4,746 out of 293,368 swabs performed since the beginning of the emergency. No new deaths today, with the total coronavirus deaths remaining at 432. There is still a new recovered, for a total of 4,087 people, of which only one clinically cured.


“In Calabria to date 97,671 swabs have been made. 1,183 people tested positive for Coronavirus (+0 compared to yesterday), 96,488 negative ones”. The Calabria Region makes it known in the daily bulletin of the coronavirus data: there are 97 deaths since the beginning of the emergency (data unchanged in the last 38 days). “Territorially – continues the regional bulletin – the positive cases are distributed as follows: Catanzaro 1 in ward; 1 in home isolation; 182 healed; 33 deceased. Cosenza 2 in home isolation; 433 healed; 34 deceased. Reggio Calabria 3 in ward; 15 in home isolation; 256 healed; 19 deceased. Crotone 1 in home isolation; 112 healed; 6 deceased. Vibo Valentia 3 in home isolation; 77 healed; 5 deceased “. Finally, in the bulletin the Region reports “since the last survey, the people who have registered on the portal of the Calabria Region to communicate their presence in the region are 6,922 in total. The count also includes the two patients from Bergamo transferred to Catanzaro, while the numbers of the infection received after the communication of the data to the National Civil Protection are not included “.


There are 1,371 positive cases of Covid-19 ascertained in Sardinia since the beginning of the emergency. In the latest update of the Crisis Unit there is a new positivity in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari and the death of a patient in the province of Sassari. The number of victims therefore rises to 134. In total, 87,798 swabs were made on the island – a regional note said. There are a total of 3 hospitalized patients, none in intensive care, while 7 are people in home isolation. The progressive data of positive cases includes 1,216 patients recovered (+2 compared to the previous update), plus 11 other clinically cured patients.

On the territory, of the 1,371 positive cases ascertained overall, 254 (+1) were detected in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 101 in Southern Sardinia, 61 in Oristano, 78 in Nuoro, 877 in Sassari.


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