3 steps to take care of it with the sun

3 steps to take care of it with the sun

Here is summer, here is summer, the song said. Here is summer, and here is also what it brings with it: the sun. For many, it is synonymous with warmth, vacation, swimming, in short, happiness! But for others, it is also a vector of poor hair health. And yes, far from us the idea of ​​being carriers of bad waves, the sun’s rays have this annoying tendency to damage the hair, especially if we do not take care of it. The Lucette team, your online beauty advisors, has thought of everything, and gives you three reflexes to adopt, to take care of your hair despite the sun.

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Hair: 3 steps to take care of it with the sun

Maintain them regularly

We will never stop saying it: having healthy and shiny hair is an everyday job! And yes, in the summer more than ever, hair health should be taken very seriously. This is the reason why after each exposure to the sun, it is essential to take a moment for yourself, in order to apply a nourishing treatment. A gesture that will allow the fiber to remain as structured as possible, and the hair to keep its shine. And among the best hair care for the summer, we find thecoconut oil and Floressance monoi . With its smell like a promise of escape, this product naturally nourishes and soothes the hair fiber. Leave on as a mask for 30 minutes, this oil is also suitable for the skin, a winning combo to put in the suitcase!

Feed them deeply

From time to time, a more thorough treatment is sometimes welcome. Because no matter how much you maintain your hair, between sea salt, pool chlorine and ambient heat, the latter can still suffer from a lack of hydration. This is the reason why certain products are perfectly adapted to these needs, such as Fructis Hair Food Banana Nourishing Mask . To be used as a mask, detangling treatment or conditioner, this product has a greedy but never overwhelming smell, and a texture immediately absorbed by the hair. A real gift to give him in this summer season!

Help them repair themselves

After the summer, and despite all the precautions that we have taken, the hair fiber may take some time to readjust to changes in temperature, or even climate. It can therefore be interesting to help it restructure. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to food supplements in capsules, but not just any! TheD-lab keratin absolute is ideal for the simple reason that, as the name suggests, it is made from natural keratin. When you know that the hair itself consists of 97% keratin, it seems that we have everything here to restore health to the fiber, in addition to a shine to die for. Like what, even in summer, everything is possible!

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