5 makeup mistakes that will make you older

5 makeup mistakes that will make you older

We celebrate our wrinkles! And yet make-up should emphasize our chocolate side and cover up areas that we don’t like so much. Unfortunately, these mistakes do the opposite

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Apply too much makeup

Many women think that as they get older, they need to put on more makeup to hide wrinkles. But the opposite is the case: Instead of clogging the pores with thick primers and looking “mask-like”, you should rely on a light foundation. This hides small wrinkles and makes your complexion look much fresher. A few sprays of setting spray also give a nice glow and ensure that the make-up connects perfectly to the skin. Are you still looking for a foundation? Raise the curtain for light favorite products.

Eyebrows too thin

Eyebrows that are too thin can make us look older. Let you’r Brew prefer to grow naturally and then carefully pluck it into a suitable shape.

Thick layer of concealer

Most women use concealers to cover dark circles and small wrinkles. Sometimes, however, the dark circles are emphasized because they are covered with too much make-up and thus stand out from the rest of the skin. Before covering your dark circles, please apply a moisturizing cream that cares for your skin and prevents wrinkles. Then use a small amount of concealerthat you only apply where your skin is naturally darker. By the way, our beauty editors have them here the best concealers tested.

Too much black eyeliner

Black eyeliner, which is applied particularly heavily, can also make you look older, since the eyes look much smaller. (By the way: These eight Eyeliner error you should definitely avoid when applying). Better wear one dark plum tone on. This does not look so “hard” and has the advantage that the whites of the eyes look brighter and the eyes color looks more lively.

Lips made up too dark

Lips that are too colored or heavily painted can make us look strict and older. Please also take care not to surround your lips with a lip liner that is too dark. Choose one instead natural tonethat matches your lip color. Light lip colors also make your facial skin look softer and more radiant.

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