5 thousand lira was offered for 50 lira printed incorrectly

5 thousand lira was offered for 50 lira printed incorrectly

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5 thousand lira was offered for 50 lira printed incorrectly

In Antalya, the value of the 50 TL banknote, which is lacking from the printing error of the bank, surprises those who hear it. Mustafa Sahin, the owner of the money, said that he did not sell, although the erroneous edition was offered to 50 TL to 75 thousand TL.

The 50 TL banknote, which is owned by Mustafa Şahin, who works at a private office in Konyaaltı district, draws attention with his difference from other coins. While the money should write ’50’ in the upper right corner of the face, it only writes ‘5’ because of the printing error. The money, which was thought to be fake at first, was successfully taken to the bank and passed through the money counting machine and the fake money pen. In the examination, it was determined that the money was printed incorrectly.


Mustafa Şahin said that collectors showed great interest in this kind of misprinted money, he did not think to sell it even though he was offered 75 thousand TL and he would make a collection. Noting that zero is missing in the upper right corner of the 50 TL banknote, Mustafa Şahin said, “The money in my hand was printed as ‘0’. I realized that there was no ‘0’ in my payments. I thought it was fake. Then I took it to the bank, but the money went through the counting machine. I tried it with a fake money pen, but I saw that there was no problem. ”


Stating that he is interested in money and likes to accumulate money, Şahin stated that he had received offers after hearing that he had wrong money in his hand. Şahin said, “After hearing that I have such a money, some collectors started to call me. I found out that my money was paid in high amounts. In my researches, I received an offer of approximately 75 thousand TL. I do not intend to sell this money. I want to collect such money.”

Broken money into the hands of 15-20 days before Mustafa Sahin said, incorrectly printed banknotes 3-4 that drew attention in Turkey.


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