6 easy ways to style swimwear

6 easy ways to style swimwear

A bathing trip is coming up and you don’t know what to wear about your bikini? With these six items of clothing you can skillfully style your swimwear

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A nice warm summer day, the sun is shining from the sky and we are happy because it is finally time for a swim. But what are we going to wear about our swimwear on the way? The classic choice for this is usually a beach dress. But there are also six other ways to skillfully style swimwear.

1. Sweatshirt

Even if it sounds a bit unusual at first and we prefer to wear less fabric on our skin on hot days, a sweatshirt is ideal over swimwear. Thought it is the top for the cooler evening hours. Simply pull over the bikini top or swimsuit and you can enjoy the sunset with friends.

2nd cloth

A light cloth is perfect for every bath visit. Because it can not only be worn casually as a skirt over bikini bottoms, but is also suitable as a thin headscarf that protects our head from the sun. In addition, on windy days it can also be converted into a chic hair band that stylishly holds back our hair.

3. Shorts

No matter whether made of denim or fabric: shorts skillfully complement any swimwear look and are ideal if you have something planned before or after bathing. A swimsuit can be quickly converted into a cool bodysuit with the help of shorts without having to worry too much about your outfit. Just combine a casual floppy hat – done!

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4. Cardigan

When we’re not in the water, we like to feel a little uncomfortable and naked in a bikini on the lounger or on the way to the kiosk. But do you want to put on shorts and a T-shirt to cover your body? No – you’d better put on a light cardigan. It is quickly and easily put on and covers our body lightly. It can also be used to easily conceal small problem areas. Tip: long models cover the stomach and thighs, cardigans with wide sleeves hide the upper arms.

5. Short sleeve shirt

Short-sleeved shirts are considered a must-have top this summer and are great for styling swimwear. Whether over a sexy bikini top or a chic swimsuit, the short-sleeved shirts always look casual and protect our shoulders from the sun on hot days. You can choose between single-color or patterned models. Short sleeved shirts in Hawaiian style are also hip with simple swimwear.

6. Flatterhosen

Light flattering pants are a great alternative to a beach dress and also feel really chic with a bikini top, large earrings and sandals. They are available in both plain and patterned. If you wear a simple bikini top, you can wear eye-catching trousers. However, if the top is already an eye-catcher, you should combine the pants in a subtle style.


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