A new actress leaves the series

A new actress leaves the series

Donia Eden leaves the series!

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Tomorrow belongs to us: a new actress leaves the series

The flagship series of the chain had to be interrupted on Friday, March 20, leaving viewers in an unbearable suspense. And even if the broadcast does not resume immediately, with the announcement of the resumption of filming, it is already a good start and very good news for the fans. But of course, actors, like all French people, must respect health rules and protect themselves as well. We will therefore have to rethink the entire organization, bringing some additional costs …

“We are in the process of reinventing everything. And we’re going to be a little scout. But there is a certain pride in showing that it is possible to restart. “ Welcomed Guillaume de Menthon, president of TelFrance. Broadcast without any interruption since July 2017, it is impossible for the fans as for the production not to be there for the summer, with new episodes. Changing scenarios, changing the arrangement of film crews, illusion of proximity, everything is already planned. But to do so, the scenery will change, and so will the financial resources.

But for the moment, fans of the series are disturbed by something quite different. Indeed, Donia Eden, the interpreter of Chemsa, who has been in the series since 2019, is taking off on new adventures. « From the start, I had said that I would not stay, but as the duet with Samy Gharbi was working well, we were written a beautiful plot that will end this summer. », confided the 29-year-old actress to our colleagues from Star TV. For her last days of filming, the production of the series gave her some surprises, she admitted: “ I was treated to stunts, it was awesome. I had never done that. »The end of a beautiful chapter …

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