a schoolboy sows discord

a schoolboy sows discord

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A 15-year-old schoolboy wreaked havoc on Monday evening in Yverdon (VD) and on the motorway in the direction of Payerne at the wheel of a borrowed car, Vaud police said on Tuesday. He has committed numerous offenses and caused accidents. No one was hurt.

Arrested on the A1 motorway in the Arrissoules tunnel, this Iranian-Portuguese national domiciled in Valais was imprisoned in a center for minors, said the cantonal police. The latter was informed at about 9:15 p.m. that the minor had taken a familiar car to go to Yverdon-les-Bains.

Spotted driving the automobile in this locality, this youngster did not comply with the police stop signs. He then fled across town, committing “numerous and serious violations” of the traffic law, she said.

In his maneuvers to escape the police, he intentionally struck, in reverse, an automobile which was traveling normally in its direction of travel. Further on, in a pedestrian artery, he collided with empty chairs and tables in front of public establishments. Several people present on this street had to move away so as not to be hit, details the police.

Punctured front tires

The crazy young driver then took the direction of the highway at a high speed while still committing numerous offenses, crossing safety lines to overtake users, traveling in the wrong direction in several roundabouts and without respecting the light signals of another crossroads.

On the highway itself, in the direction of Payerne, he tried to sow his pursuers by driving at a speed significantly higher than that authorized and despite the fact that his vehicle had the front tires punctured. Shortly after the Pomy tunnel, a reinforcement gendarmerie patrol managed to pass the fugitive and stood in front of it to slow it down.

The teenager again tried to overtake the police vehicle several times to finally hit it in the rear, at low speed. It then came to rest further in the Arrissoules tunnel. Fortunately, no one was injured, according to the police.

The intervention required the engagement of several patrols from the Nord Vaud Police, the Vaud Gendarmerie, the canine brigade, as well as a patrol from the Friborg Gendarmerie.


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