A statue of Melania Trump burnt down in her hometown in Slovenia

A statue of Melania Trump burnt down in her hometown in Slovenia

A statue representing the First Lady in Sevnic, her hometown, was burnt down on the night of July 4 to 5, American National Day.

© Jure Markovec
The statue was erected in July 2019 in Sevnica, the hometown of the First Lady.

She was hit by fire on July 4, United States Independence Day. A wooden statue of Melania Trump, erected in 2019 in his hometown of Sevnica in Slovenia, had to be removed after being partially burned, reports the BBC.

The wooden statue was made by Brad Downey. The American artist, who had carved the sculpture from a tree trunk, wanted by this gesture to fuel the debate on immigration to the United States. The latter declared that he did not wish it to remain exposed.

A statue that aroused mockery

Since the election of Donald Trump to the White House, the city of Sevnica, hometown of Melania Trump, has become a tourist place in Slovenia and derivatives with the image of the First Lady are increasing.

The sculpture, with coarse lines, represented Melania Trump cross-legged during the inauguration day of her husband as 45th President of the United States in January 2016. A representation of the First Lady who had been the subject of mockery from the inhabitants of the Slovenian commune during its inauguration , some hesitate to compare it to a scarecrow or a Smurfette.

Trump statue also burnt down in January

The fire was of criminal origin, an investigation was opened by the local police to try to find the arsonists and to determine the reasons which led them to set fire to the statue.

The attack on this sculpture occurs in a particular context for the United States. For several weeks, many statues of historical figures linked to slavery or to racist opinions have been unbolted, actions that have multiplied since the death of George Floyd, an African American killed in late May by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

In August 2019, a wooden statue of Donald Trump was built east of Ljubjana, the Slovenian capital. The sculpture, also criticized, had been burned down by arsonists last January.


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