A truck hits a bridge and blocks the road

A truck hits a bridge and blocks the road

A heavy truck, which was loading a construction machine, struck a bridge in the Lutry region. The road was closed in both directions.

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The cantonal road had to be closed long enough to clear the place.

The truck driver misjudged the height of his load late Thursday morning. As he passed under a bridge on the Landar road, the excavator he was carrying violently struck a bridge.

The damage is only material. No one was injured. A delicate repair operation then started, with the help of two cranes. “The road had to be closed in both directions for the needs of the workers,” said the cantonal police. The condition of the structure was also checked. Last summer, a footbridge over the A9 had been hit by a truck in Chailly. Damaged, it had finally been demolished for security reasons.


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