A Vaudois recruit dies during a performance walk

A recruit dies during a performance walk

The young soldier who was found lifeless in Isone (TI), is a Vaudois of 21 years. The victim was found lifeless after a brief search, but could not be resuscitated.

The drama took place at the grenadiers school in Isone (TI).

A recruit from the grenadiers school in Isone (TI) lost his life Tuesday morning during a march. The soldier was found dead after a brief search but could not be resuscitated, the army said in a statement. According to ” RSI», The victim is a 21 year old Vaudois.

The recruits were performing a 6.5-kilometer individual performance walk on a road to the Place d’Armes. On arrival, one of the recruits was missing. She was found lifeless on the edge of the course after a short search operation.

Selection for the elite

Despite efforts to resuscitate executives and the rapid arrival of a REGA team on the spot, the recruit could not be saved. The family has been informed and is receiving psychological support, as are their section comrades.

The soldier was carrying a 15-kilogram bag, a rather light package, army spokesman Stefan Hofer told SRF radio. Military justice has opened an investigation. The school for recruits had started on July 6.

Grenadier training requires candidates to be in excellent physical shape, he told Keystone-ATS. The selection criteria are strict: young people must obtain a minimum of 90 points during the selection tests to be part of the elite of the army.

Eight deaths

In addition, there is a two-day aptitude test followed by a new selection for several weeks at the recruit school. Registrants are finally subjected to medical and psychological examinations.

In the past three decades, at least eight young people have died in the recruit school. The last case dates back to 2012, when a recruit had suffered a cardiac arrest in Bière (VD). Several others died from meningitis.

In 1996, the military justice system had sentenced a company commander to a two-month suspended prison sentence for negligent homicide. He led a march in 1993 in which a 20-year-old recruit died. He had forced the 113-kg soldier to continue the exercise when he was completely exhausted. The events took place near Aigle (VD).


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