Administrative 2020 Macerata, Parcaroli in the field. “Now we want to build a dream”

 Administrative 2020 Macerata, Parcaroli in the field.

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Macerata, 8 July 2020 – “I gave up to the candidacy for the Region, where I would have been supported by many people from the hinterland to the coast, to be the mayor of Macerata. But you will never hear me speak ill of others, because we do not want to erase everything that has been done. Indeed, we will do our best to make it grow and dream again, because we want to dream. ”

An excited Sandro Parcaroli, yesterday, at the end of the press conference to present the Med Store as main sponsor of Macerata Volleyball, he cleared up any doubts on the candidacy for mayor of the city. A few words, pending the actual formalization – which should take place on Saturday morning, with a press conference convened by the League (which was responsible for the choice of candidate for mayor), which will be attended by all the center-right forces that support the project – to give way, meanwhile, to his new commitment in politics, which will be characterized by “the strength of the team”. As a good entrepreneur, in fact, Parcaroli will not be the man only in command, but the face and soul of a plural coalition and ready to commit to the growth of the city.

“I will not be a dictator mayor – stressed the entrepreneur, owner of the Med Store several times -, I will need a strong team and I will ask everyone’s help. I decided to donate five years of my life to politics, now I already sleep five hours a night, then I will sleep two, but it does not matter, because we want to build this dream, but the first people to believe it must be the people of Macerata. I could have gone to the Region, perhaps making a more comfortable choice, but that’s not what interests me, because I don’t do it for myself, but for the territory “.

The entrepreneur, however, did not hide how this decision made “veer” on the Municipality of Macerata brought him many criticisms from many friends of the mountain area of ​​Camerino and Castelraimondo, where he was born and raised. “I am receiving many messages from people who claim that I have betrayed them, because with the commitment in the Region I would have continued the requests of the whole territory of the province – Parcaroli also confided, visibly sorry – while doing the mayor of Macerata no. Instead, we will demonstrate with the facts that my choice was also for them, because being the mayor of the provincial capital is more important than being the regional councilor to carry out the requests of our entire territory “. In these hours, the 63-year-old Macerata businessman will continue to meet the political forces of the center-right. There is also a discussion with the city councilor Deborah Pantana, who has never attended coalition meetings, to understand what forces her group will be able to count on.

For the rest, the center-right coalition that supports the candidacy of Sandro Parcaroli it is decidedly compact, with Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, Udc Nuovo Cdu and the civic lists of Maurizio Mosca and Anna Menghi, which make a square around a candidate courted for several months. And on Saturday, finally, after weeks of rumors and meetings, the project will also begin to take off.


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